District Interact Video Contest Rules: january 2017

The District Interact Committee is pleased to announce that all Interact clubs are again invited to submit a video for a January competition:
Deliverable: Create a short (about two minutes) video on one of the following topics:
  1. What has the local Rotary club accomplished in your community?
  2. What has your local Interact club accomplished within your community?
Goal: Create awareness about the local Rotary and Interact clubs.
Audience: Fellow members of your community
Award: $250 contribution to your Interact club and an invitation to show your video at the multi-district conference next April in Providence
Due Date: January 31, 2016
Award Date: February 2017
How to Submit: Publish your video on YouTube and e-mail the link to Interact Committee Member Bill Westerman at whwesterman@yahoo.com and Chair Bob Anthony at rwa1645@gmail.com, along with suggestions and questions.
Video Tips and Tricks:
  1. Interview Rotary and Interact club members
  2. Interview people in the community
  3. Create a script that tells a story
    • Set the stage with a theme
    • Provide details that support the theme
    • Recap the key points of the theme at the end