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Interact is a club for youth ages 12-18 where members have fun creating service projects that benefit their community or that encourages international understanding. While Rotary clubs sponsor them, Interact clubs are largely self-sustaining, requiring little or no financial support from the sponsor. 


Launch An Interact Club

Clubs can be formed by as few as one teen and one Rotary advisor in either a community or school-based format.

To download, in PDF format, the form to launch an Interact club, click here


Earn the Presidential Citation

The Interact Presidential Citation can be considered a checklist for a high achievement year; there are three steps to complete before August 15 2017 for your Interact club to be to be recognized for its success in the past year:
1) Completing the basic qualification checklist
2) Look at this report and record your Interact Club ID number
3) Enter details online by clicking the arrow at the bottom of the page linked here:
Click here for Interact clubs in District 7910 that are either active or forming.
How does Interact work?

Click here for an article on the District Interact Teen and Advisor Training Seminar that was held on September 17, 2016 in Needham, which includes links to Seminar videos and photos.


Learn more about Interact


District 7910 Interact Committee Co-Chairs: Sharon Spaulding and Bob Anthony