Posted by Susan Peghiny and Elliott Rittenberg on May 25, 2021
Rotary environmental happenings are occurring around the world. During the May 1 meeting of our district's Environmental Action Group, Co-chair Elliot Rittenberg talked about several of them in Rotary, and outside District 7910. They include the following:
  • ESRAG (Environmental Sustainability Rotarian Action Group) Pre-Convention Symposium - The New Environment, Friday, June 11 at 9:00 a.m.  More details, to follow. (Are you not an ESRAG member? If not, you should be!).
  • IFixThePlanet, an ESRAG-sponsored environmental-video contest. Click here for details, and videos – they’re short!
  • Rotary International Convention, which will be very environment-focusedClick here for information, and to register.
  • ESRAG (Environmental Sustainability Action Group) Pre-Convention SymposiumThe New Environment, Friday, June 11 at 9:00 a.m.  More details, to follow. (Are you not an ESRAG member? If not, you should be!).
  • United Nations COP-26 Environmental Conference, an international gathering of partners of the Paris Climate Accord.  This year, Rotary will have a seat at the tableClick here to learn more.    
Climate Café: Missy Hollenback introduced the idea of EAG sponsoring a monthly or bi-monthly event similar to District Governor Diana Nestorova's monthly Open Doors with DG Diana. Climate Cafes are informal events, typically having either brief speaker/presentation or a discussion topic, but also including time to socialize and learn from each other. Our district's Social Equity Task Force has been asked whether they wish to share Climate Cafés with us - either on a collaborative basis - since pollution and climate change affect disproportionately people of color - or to be switched back and forth on monthly basis.
The first Climate Café will hopefully be this July. If you’re interested in helping to create these short, fun events, please contact either Co-Chair Sue Peghiny (shown, top) or Co-Chair Elliott Rittenberg (shown, bottom) - by clicking on their linked names.
EAG website and social media: Sue Peghiny introduced the group to our new page on the district's website. Click here, to visit our page - no login required! The EAG page contains links to:
  • Project ideas: Jeanne Cahill is managing this page, if you have anything to add and/or would like to assist.
  • Organizations to collaborate with/use as a resource: Missy Hollenbeck is managing this page, if you have anything to add and/or would like to assist her.
  • Environmental Speaker Bureau: This page needs a manager!  Email either Elliott Rittenberg or Sue Peghiny, if you’d like to learn about what it would entail to fill this role.
  • Environmental calendar (including organizations outside Rotary): Sue Peghiny is temporarily managing this page. Email her, if you have anything to add and/or would like to assist her.
  • Social media: Missy Hollenbeck is temporarily managing organizing this effort. Click here, to email her, if you have anything to add and/or would like to assist her.
More items will be added as we go along. Have an idea? Email either Sue Peghiny or Elliott Rittenberg.
EAG Newsletter: Let’s start sending environmental information to clubs on a monthly basis! This newsletter could report upcoming club projects, project ideas, potential speakers, new additions to our resource pages - and whatever else you may have in mind. This newsletter needs a manager/editor/group! If you’re interested, email either Sue Peghiny or Elliott Rittenberg.
Carbon-reduction pledge: Elliott Rittenberg introduced the group to a project idea to get clubs to sign a pledge to reduce their carbon footprint. This program is still under development - so, more later.
We have our own page on the district's website! Click here, to check it out!
And, we have a new email address: Environment.D7910@gmail.comEAG communications will now come from the new address - not from Clubrunner. So, please be sure to add it to your "safe" list. (Please note: Messages about event registrations and all-district notices/newsletters may still be sent to you from the district's ClubRunner account.)
Things are happening,  and we need your help! See the summary for some open positionsNothing is really heavy lifting - as long as we all step up and do our part.
The next meeting of our district's Environmental Action Group is Tuesday, June 1 at 6:30 p.m. via Zoom. See you then - and there!
To learn more on EAG - and our recent name change -  click here.
For more information on - and to help organize - our district's Environmental Action Group, email Co-Chairs Sue Peghiny and Elliott Rittenberg.



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