Bay Path High Wins District’s First Interact Video Contest

The newly formed Interact Club at Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High School in Charlton has won the District Interact Committee’s first Interact Club Video Contest - and with it, the $250 prize. The winning video, for the November contest, was inspired by Bay Path High’s participation in the sixth annual Worcester County Coat Drive, conducted by the Worcester County Sheriff's Office (see "Auburn Supports Bay Path High’s Participation in Worcester County Coat Drive," in middle column of this issue).
In the 81-second video, Bay Path Interactor Jamie Butkiewicz (shown, left) is wearing iconic Revolutionary War-era garb – the school’s mascot (as is District 7910’s) is the Minuteman. He comes across a student, played by Bay Path Interactor Fintan Neff (shown, right), sitting in the cold outdoors, hunched over, coatless and shivering. In true “service above self” fashion, Zachary runs gallantly through the school to a classroom storing Bay Path’s Coat Drive collection. He retrieves a winter jacket, dashes back to Fintan, and tenderly drapes it over his shoulders.
The goal of the Video Contest is to “create awareness about the local Rotary and Interact clubs.” The audience is “fellow members of your community.”
To learn more about Bay Path High, click here. To learn more about Interact, click here.
Bay Path’s Interact Club is sponsored by the Rotary Clubs of Auburn and Southbridge. To learn more about Auburn Rotary, click here. To learn more about Southbridge Rotary, click here.
The District Interact Committee is also pleased to announce that all Interact clubs are again invited to submit a video for a December competition:
Deliverable: Create a short (about two minutes) video on one of the following topics:
  1. What has the local Rotary club accomplished in your community?
  2. What has your local Interact club accomplished within your community?
Goal: Create awareness about the local Rotary and Interact clubs.
Audience: Fellow members of your community
Award: $250 contribution to your Interact club and an invitation to show your video at the multi-district conference next April in Providence
Due Date: December 31, 2016
Award Date: January 2017
How to Submit: Publish your video on YouTube and e-mail the link to Interact Committee Member Bill Westerman at and Chair Bob Anthony at, along with suggestions and questions.
Video Tips and Tricks:
  1. Interview Rotary and Interact club members
  2. Interview people in the community
  3. Create a script that tells a story
    • Set the stage with a theme
    • Provide details that support the theme
    • Recap the key points of the theme at the end