Posted by Bob Wicks on Apr 14, 2021
April's "Open Doors with DG Diana" focused on growing Rotary membership. During the session, hosted by District Governor Diana Nestorova, the discussion featured a panel, including representatives from our clubs, Rotary International, and special guest moderator, Dr. Bill Wittich, PhD, (shown, right).
He's ​the author of a number of books on leadership, motivation and non-profit management, including "Stop Recruiting/Start Attracting – A Book About Change and Membership in Rotary Clubs and Energize your Rotary Club. Bill also hosts a Facebook page on Rotary Membership.
To watch this 89-minute Open Doors session, either click here or on the image at right.
Our panel discussion addressed issues confronting all of our clubs, including:
  • What did we learn from COVID-19 as Rotarians?
  • How did the pandemic change our clubs?
  • How did the past year change the way that we engage our membership? 4. What strategies for membership attraction and retention make sense today?
  • How do we see our transition after COVID-19?
This session kicked off a critical conversation that will lead to some of the most important strategies and actions necessary for our district and clubs to thrive in 2021 and 2022.
In view of its impact, this meeting incorporated District Assembly: Membership Training.
This was attendees' opportunity to learn and to help influence our action plans, moving forward. This session was free - and open to both Rotarians and non-Rotarians.

To download the minutes of April's "Open Doors with DG Diana, in PDF format, click here.
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