Posted on Nov 13, 2017
Three Important Reasons to Register for the 2018 Rotary International Convention in Toronto…NOW! 

1. The registration fee for Rotarians is only $345 US if you register by December 15, 2017. After this date, the registration fee for Rotarians increases to $420. So, you can save $75 if you register by December 15.  Register for the convention  <CLICK HERE TO REGISTER> 
2. Hotel rooms near the convention are going fast! Several are already sold out. You may be competing with as many as 40-50,000 other Rotarians for lodging. Don’t assume you’ll be able to find a hotel room near the RI Convention if you procrastinate. Check out your hotel options and book your room as soon as possible    <CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR ACCOMMODATIONS> 
3. For Rotarians in Zones 24 & 32, the RI Convention won’t be any closer than Toronto (at least not for the next  five years). This is a great opportunity to experience a spectacular Rotary event in a spectacular city. (And it’s only two hours away from the spectacular Niagara Falls!) 
If you’ve been to an RI Convention, you already know it’s a thrilling experience. If you haven’t been to an RI Convention, don’t miss this opportunity. You’ll be among tens of thousands of Rotarians from around the world. You’ll hear amazing speakers, attend a wide array of workshops, spend hours touring the exhibits in the biggest House of Friendship you’ve ever seen, and enjoy world-class entertainment. 
And, don’t forget about the Beyond Borders Dinner! Last year’s dinner in Atlanta sold out well in advance of the event. The cost is only $80 CDN per person if you register before April 1, 2018. What a deal! (especially for US Rotarians) The event is at the Hockey Hall of Fame in downtown Toronto. 
Don’t be left out. Register for the Beyond Borders Dinner    <CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR BEYOND BORDERS DINNER>