Posted on Nov 21, 2017
In just two hours, our team of 20 kids, adults and Rotarians packed over one hundred 'CheerBoxes' that would soon make their way around the world, bringing joy and our thanks to the men and women who serve in the US armed forces.
As we sat back admiring our towering pile of CheerBoxes, I was completely in awe of the amazing program that Wendy Rocca has created, Operation American Soldier. The CheerBoxes contained everything from travel size toiletries, to non-perishable snacks, to magazines and DVDs, to calendars, to coffee, and most importantly -- a hand written thank you note for their service. Hundreds of CheerBoxes are packed and distributed by Operation American Soldier and its volunteers every year. Operation American Soldier's goal is to show support and appreciation for as many US soldiers as possible every single year.
The Rotary Club of Watertown participates annually in an Operation American Soldier packing party and it is one of our members' favorite events all year. This year we also opened up the volunteer opportunity to community members. We were overwhelmed with interest! In fact, the demand was so high that we actually had to turn away volunteers! We are looking forward to expanding our Operation American Soldier packing parties in the coming year so we can accommodate all of the interested volunteers. What a wonderful problem! 
Feeling inspired by Operation American Soldier's mission? The District Holiday Party will include a short presentation by Wendy Rocca, sample boxes for everyone to check out and an opportunity to contribute to Operation American Soldier. Please consider bringing a few supplies to the party. Here is a short list of ideas: small cereal bars, individually packaged powdered drink mixes, canned meals, peanut butter, microwave popcorn, white tube socks, travel size toiletries, feminine items, AA batteries, or notes of appreciation. Check out the District Holiday Party flyer for a complete list of needed supplies.