Posted on Oct 30, 2017
RC of Framingham has been helping Joseph P. Keefe Technical High School run an annual Financial Reality Fair for its students for several years. 
This year a new counselor at Keefe, Stacey Lyskowski, took over coordination of the event that was held Friday, 10/27/17.   There were 3 sessions of Keefe Tech students who participated in the exercise, as well as 1 session of students from Lincoln-Sudbury high school who took buses over so they could participate.
Approximately 180 Keefe Tech students were run thru the exercise The students learned how hard it is to balance a budget (salary minus expenses) while experiencing life's up's and down's by spinning the Wheel of Fortune/Misfortune.
Developing financial "literacy" is an important skill for high school students to develop. The Rotary Club of Framingham was pleased to help counselors at the Joseph P. Keefe Technical High School run a Financial Reality Fair. This short video gives a sense of how students faced a series of financial decisions in an exercise designed to help them begin to develop deeper understanding of real world financial decisions.