The 2018 Rotary Mount Washington Summit took place this past weekend at the Omni Mt Washington Resort and was by all measures a huge success! 625 total attendees participated in the 5-district “Summit” including almost 100 Rotary youth who engaged in lots of Rotary experiences including shaking hands with RI President Ian on Friday evening and a pizza party in the Shelter Box village on Saturday afternoon.
Oodles of inspiration was provided by an amazing line-up of speakers including RI President Ian Riseley, Shirley Pat Chamberlain, Travis Roy and Razia Jan. The breakout sessions were a HUGE hit and included topics such as …The Rise Against Hunger Food Packaging project resulted in 20,000 packed meals. They included leadership sessions with former Governors of Vermont and Massachusetts, Rotary’s response to the Addiction Crisis, the latest on the Fight to End Polio by the Gates Foundation, Survivors of Human Trafficking, End 68 Hours of Hunger, and Public Image Tips for Success.
Nightly entertainment and Sunday’s jazz breakfast were just plain FUN. There were many chances for fellowship and the exchange of ideas including an amazing House of Friendship with over 40 displays. Of course, the venue provided an incredible backdrop for inspiration and was the ideal setting for the 2018 summit theme - - creating positive impact through caring service, powered by YOU!
So now what? What’s left to do with all of this information and inspiration? Well – we have 6 weeks of this Rotary year left to finish STRONG! We are People of Action who can create positive impact by doing caring service.
Each member of this district is a spoke in our Rotary wheel and when all the spokes of the cog work together, we can climb mountains.  We have already found a way – almost  - to the top of the mountain of curing a disease -- we have almost summited to eradicate Polio. Over the course of the weekend at Mt Washington, we heard many stories of people who have climbed a mountain to change lives and make a difference. Imaging the heights we can reach together if we are willing to climb new mountains.
To help achieve the impact we seek to create, consider using the model of collaboration that the 2018 Rotary Mt Washington Summit provided – a model of 5 districts coming together to create a collective vision of Summit. Work together with other clubs, with community partners, across districts – remember how strong we become when all the spokes of the cog turn together! Find your passion, set your service goals and Make a Difference through Rotary.