Membership Corner - November 4, 2013

Have you thought about why folks join Rotary? 
Why did you join?  
It would be an interesting and educational exercise to ask every member of your club to write down the reason(s) they joined Rotary and why they remain Rotarians.  Try this exercise at an assembly meeting - hand each member a piece of paper and ask them to write down their reasons for joining and their reasons for staying, then summarize the inputs, distribute them and discuss at the next assembly meeting.  While we each have varying reasons for being Rotarians, the reasons usually fit within the context of the four Objects of Rotary
The first Object of Rotary is "The Development of Acquaintance as an Opportunity for Service".  One of the more common reasons for joining Rotary is the opportunity for joining together with people we want to associate with and to enjoy fellowship, fun and friendship.  We may want to network for business or for personal reasons.  Maybe we want the camaraderie or the support structure the organization provides.  These are all legitimate and rational reasons for joining Rotary and must be nurtured by the club leadership.  Have you noticed how much more committed members are to working on club projects when they are accepted as members of the Rotary club family? 
How does your club leadership develop opportunities for fellowship?   Do you have several opportunities throughout the year to get together either as members or as families either for fun or for service projects?  These events do not happen by accident.  They require planning and organization.  They are great as ice breakers not only for your members but for prospective members.  It is an opportunity for you to show prospective members that you are a friendly and welcoming organization they would be proud to join.
Tom Sturiale - Membership Chair District 7910