Savvas Fotiadis
17 Years in Rotary
Paul Harris Fellow +5

Testimonial of Club President, Joe Sullivan/Service Impact

Savvas Fotiadis is always helping other people without expecting anything back.  Over the last four years, inspired by his high school teacher and mentor - Mr. K, Savvas has raised about $40,000 to help orphans in Uganda at the GOSSAGE Orphanage in Golomolo village, and the Trio Primary School in the town of Mityana, both in Mukono District, 50 miles west of Kampala.
Through the "Friends of Uganda Orphans" they have supported the construction of a dining hall at the Gossage Orphanage and equipped the kitchen which provides free food to 131 kids at the cost of $600 per month.

The Trio school has been provided with a solar power plant, a water pump for the bore well and rainwater harvesting systems. They provide AIDS testing, ringworm treatments to the kids and have supported 12 students to continue education through high school among many other activities.
Savvas has been a member of the Club for 17.5 years, and generously supports the club's activities with time and money. He supports the Rotary Foundation, has achieved PHF+4 level in giving and is a member of the Bequest Society Level III. He is a member of the Club's Board of Directors for the past 15 years He is active in the Shriners and frequently gets Rotary and Shriners involved in joint activities.

He is a big supporter of his Church's activities and has been on several home building trips in Mexico and other developing countries. Savvas is an inspiration to all members of every organization he belongs to because of his selfless dedication to helping others. His efforts in Uganda have focused on basic education and literacy, disease prevention and treatment and water and sanitation.

And he does this with a smile on his face, always. It is with great pride and respect that I nominate Savvas Fotiadis as Wachusett Area's Service Hero.