Rotary Club of Sturbridge's Hero - Lorraine Herbert
Lorraine Herbert
25 Years in Rotary
Paul Harris +9
Testimonial of Club President, David Zonia/Service Impact

It is with great pride and my honor to nominate Lorraine Herbert as my choice for the Service Hero Award.  Lorraine has been the cornerstone of our club. As treasurer of the club she has gone far beyond the expectations any club president would expect .

Her assistance in developing and submitting a budget is just one such incident.  She repeatedly can be found at all club functions whether she is part of the work force or not.  Regarding her involvement in the 6 Rotary Foundation Areas of Focus, she has contributed to most of them and has demonstrated Service Above Self in each.
The one area I would like to highlight is in Economic and community development. It was Lorraine who last year, suggested that we develop a community core project. That was the birth of what is now our Sturbridge/Southbridge Community Garden. This garden will provide low income people and elderly people something that is usually missing in food pantries et. al..

So this is just one incident albeit a significant one that I highlight and present to you this candidate's qualifications for the district's Service Heroes Award.