Rotary Club of the Brookfields Hero
Linda Lloyd
1 Year in Rotary
Paul Harris Fellow

Testimonial of Club President, Lynn Duffy O'Shea/Service Impact

My Hero provides service to Children and families with food and personal
hygiene needs as well as clothing needs. Linda is the Founder and Executive
director of AngelsAnswer2(Angels and Backpacks, Pantry etc.). She is in her
fourth year. She also provides services for veterans, Seniors with pets,
Women with Breast Cancer, and Baby needs as well as being a first responder
for disaster relief in our area. Linda has also sent many boxes to the
Hurricane relief victims in Puerto Rico and Texas.
I am nominating Linda as our club's Service Hero because most of what she
does comes out of her own personal expense without any thought. Her passion
for helping others drives her. Networking with local grocery stores and
Bakeries to get food, fresh produce and bread products. Linda and her family
personally travel to each location to pick up donated food each week. The
food is then brought to their warehouse where they store it. They have
partnered with the High school's Journey Program (Life Skills Program) where
the teacher coordinates what they want to
have for meals for the weekend. Linda Provides them with what they will need
for the meals to be put into the bags by the students. Typically, the bags
have 2 Breakfast, 2 Lunch, 2 Dinner and 2 snacks. The bags are filled every
Thursday, given out on Friday. Children return them to school on Monday.

Linda also runs our local food and clothing pantry twice a month at the
elementary school. She is in contact with the principal of the school and if
there is a family with extra needs she will bring whatever is needed to the
family's home. If transportation or the day or time of the pantry is an
issue, Linda will open her warehouse doors whenever a person needs food or
deliver the food if the person cannot get there.