Joseph Marco
5 Years in Rotary
Paul Harris Fellow

Testimonial of Club President, Ed King/Service Impact

Joe's interest and focus since joining the club 5 years ago has been on our local Northborough community. Our biggest fundraiser and oldest project is our Pancake breakfast, which has raised over a quarter of a million dollars for scholarships for graduating seniors in the past 47 years. Joe has been an integral part of this activity since he joined the club.

When it became necessary for us to change our venue he met with school personnel of the new location and (because he is a master electrician) rewired the site for our grills. While on the surface this activity would seem to be a fundraiser it actually is an event that the community sponsors and looks forward to attending. Joe works tirelessly to raise money, put out signs, move anything that needs moving, flips pancakes, greets townspeople, cleans up and puts away. This description of Joe can be expanded to every activity our club undertakes.  He inspires our members, his neighborhood community and encourages service and volunteerism by his example.