Learn how to get the most out of the improved Rotary.org

Rotary’s new website, launched in August, provides
a more personal and intuitive digital experience.
Rotary.org is now two sites at one location: a public
site, with a design and feature-rich content that
showcases Rotary to the general public, and a
member site that makes it easier to find what you’re
looking for and pursue your Rotary activities.
          My Rotary
Create an account and sign in to
the member site at www.rotary
.org/myrotary, where you will
find information that’s relevant to
you and your Rotary involvement.
Customize your profile to create
connections and exchange ideas
with other Rotarians. New tools
will help your club find partners
and volunteers for projects and
raise awareness and support for
your initiatives.
          Public site
Visitors to Rotary.org will find
a site that explains the value
of Rotary to our diverse public
audiences in a clear and appealing
way, including news stories and
features and an easy system
for searching for and connecting
with clubs. The site will help
members of the public as well
as new Rotarians understand
what makes Rotary unique and
how they can help communities
around the world by volunteering,
partnering on projects, or
connecting with a club.
          Improved search
Powered by upgraded technology
from Google, the streamlined
search function provides more
relevant and accurate results
faster than before.
Connect with Rotarians
anywhere in the world by
creating or joining a group.
These interactive forums let
you exchange ideas, share
best practices, and talk about
upcoming projects with members
of the Rotary community.
You can send private messages
to members without sharing
your personal email address.
          Responsive design
Experience the site on multiple
devices — desktop, smartphone,
or tablet.