Posted by Steven T. Sager, Esq. on Jul 13, 2017


One of the most important tasks of all leaders is to identify and train their successors.  Doing so early provides many opportunities to pass down institutional knowledge and insures vibrancy of the organization by having plans that build upon what has been done in the past.  Imagine how difficult that task is for an organization like Rotary where every position, from the President of Rotary International, 534 District Governors and over 35,500 club Presidents change positions on July 1 every year! 

July 1 is not the date the club Presidents train and plan however, it is the time to execute their previously made plans and ensure the continuity of their club by having their future leaders trained.  This coming year is the time for the 2018-19 Presidents to learn and plan so that when they take office on July 1, 2018, they will have an easy time succeeding.  The training that we will go through this year is designed to inspire our future the leaders while at the same time giving them the tools and knowledge they need to help their clubs.  There are also opportunities to meet other club leaders and partners so that planning for joint service projects can begin now.  

Below are some of the important training dates for the ensuing year.  Some of these events are open to all club leaders, and some are focused primarily on the Presidents-Elect.  If your club has a Vice President (or President Nominee) who will take office on July 1, 2010, they too should be encouraged to attend as many of these events to get a head start on their training.  If your club does not have a President-Elect, please make sure your President attends so the information can be passed on when you do select a 2018-19 President.