Rotary Club of Brookline participated on Saturday in the 1st Brookline Inspo:Expo Fair to promote social action projects being done by Brookline organizations. 
The Brookline club showed off its banner depicting many of the projects the club supports and highlighted polio eradication. The Club has partnered in the past with seven of the other groups that participated in the event. Last August, just after the fatal rally in Charlottesville, Hadassah Margolis found herself unsatisfied as she explained to her 8-year-old daughter why security cameras watched over a synagogue where she attended a Hebrew immersion program.
Margolis wanted her daughter to see that while there is hate in the world,there is also hope.At the same time, as a newly elected Brookline Town Meeting member, she wanted to find a way to channel the frustration she was hearing from fellow residents about the political and social turmoil since the 2016 election.
"We don't need another rally," Margolis recalled thinking. "We need to show people all the good that Brookline residents are already doing as a response to all of the bad that's going on in the world."
The result is the Inspo:Expo Brookline Action Fair, which will be held Sunday, Oct. 29, from 1 to 4 p.m. at Congregation Kehillath Israel in Coolidge Corner. Inspo, a relatively new word, means something that serves as inspiration.At least 67 groups will set up booths to promote their social action projects, ranging from Parents Helping Parents to the Connect Africa Foundation to the Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence.