Collect Applications, Interview, Choose Your students

By Christine Pinney
  1. Collect applications for District 7910's Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
    1. A Student Application Form is included in the Support Materials;
      use this form, or create your own.
    2. Be sure to specify your RYLA Chair's contact info as well as application submission instructions, and a deadline date for their submission.
  2. Interview Students: Interview and evaluate applicants using the interview tools in the ClubPack Support Materials
    1. Interview students individually either at their school or off-site; perhaps at a Rotarian's business.
    2. If a school selects students for you, ask them to follow RYLA Selection Guidelines. The Interview Questions and/or Evaluation Form may be helpful.
    3. Specify the number of attendees your club will sponsor.
  3. Select RYLAns.
  4. Submit attendee and alternate names. To do so, visit
  5. Designate any number of alternates(clubs do not pay additional fees)
  6. Tell your selected students to register online as soon as possible, by April 1 at the latest.
  7. Students deliver signed paperwork to you.
  8. You deliver all completed signed paperwork to our RYLA registrar, postmarked by April 15.
To learn more about RYLA, click here.
Christine Pinney, chair of the District RYLA Committee, may be reached at