OLA Code of Conduct


See About RYLA OLA for more info.

In order for you and all student leaders to get the most out of the RYLA experience, we have these expectations for your participation and conduct:
  1. Students are to respect organizers, facilitators, speakers, and fellow students in the spirit of leadership and cooperation.

  2. A conference T-shirt will be provided. Conference T-shirts must be worn at all times outlined on the schedule.

  3. No tobacco products, drugs or alcohol are allowed to be used during this conference, even while at home.

  4. Students must attend all scheduled sessions throughout the entire conference. This means that students must be able to participate for the entire RYLA program to be able to attend. Exceptions will not be made. 

  5. Please be punctual to all scheduled events. Check your schedule, including personalized Zoom links, to make sure you are on time.

  6. Many sessions/activities will require your camera to be on and your participation through your microphone. Please ensure that you are in a quiet space with good Internet connection and away from other distractions (parents, siblings, friends) for the duration of every session.
    If you need to break away at any time, inform your Group Facilitator through a private chat before stepping away.

  7. To have the fullest experience during RYLA OLA, please participate actively in every session to the best of your ability.

  8. During conference sessions, cell phones and other devices may only be used as part of the activities directed by either the Session Leader or your Group Facilitator.

  9. Conference Organizers have the discretion to terminate a student’s attendance at future sessions and at any time, should the need arise.

Students whose conduct is unbecoming at any time and/or who break any of the conference rules will, at the discretion of the conference officials, be dismissed from the conference.