Meeting Schedule & Info

Committee Meetings start at 6:30 PM unless otherwise noted. Please arrive 30 minutes early if you are new to the group and/or a guest participant.
Evening Committee Meetings are usually held at Action Unlimited, 100 Domino Drive, Concord, MA, unless otherwise noted.
Meeting Dates are scheduled early in the year, and may be subject to change. Committee members should receive an email reminder a day or two in advance of each meeting.

2018-19 Meeting Schedule

  • PLEASE NOTE: All meeting dates and locations are subject to change.
  • Please always confirm details prior to attending.
  • It is requested that you RSVP at before all meetings.

Committee “Coaches”

Club Assignments
RYLA Committee members are assigned a number of Rotary clubs to follow up with. An email will be sent out with a link to the Committee/Club Assignments and several other helpful reference documents; please save all links (or better yet, bookmark them) for your future reference.

Suggestions for "Coaching" Your Assigned Clubs:

  • Some time during the Fall:

    Check the Club Reservations Spreadsheet to see if your clubs have submitted their contact info for the CURRENT year. Click on the tab near the bottom that says "Latest RYLA Chair Contact Info". Look at the Timestamp (column A) to see when the data was last updated. If there is no information for a club, or if the timestamp shows data from a previous year, you should attempt to contact the club and remind them to enter their contact info for the current year. They can do so by going to
  • Before the end of December:

    Contact each club's RYLA Chair directly. Ask if they know where to find the ClubPack and Support Materials on the RYLA website. Do they have any questions? (Please keep a list of their questions, so we can add them into the FAQ pages and/or the ClubPack.) Provide your contact info to the RYLA Chair so that they can contact you if any other questions come up in the coming months.
  • Between Feb 1-14:

    Check the Club Reservations Status spreadsheet to see which of your clubs have not yet sent in a Space Reservation form. CALL the RYLA Chair (or Club President, if you can't reach the RYLA Chair) to remind them the Space Reservation DROP-DEAD DEADLINE is March 1! (Don't leave this to the last minute because they may need time to get a payment check from their club treasurer, or may even need time to have a board meeting.)
    If the club isn't planning to send anyone to RYLA, they can still support the program by donating to RYLA's Stop Hunger Now project (see RYLA website home page), and/or by volunteering a couple of hours of their time at the RYLA Conference.
  • Also in February:

    RYLA Committee leaders will give a presentation to club presidents-elect at Pre-PETS. In addition to being educated about RYLA, presidents-elect will be encouraged to check on their club's status with regard to reservations and student applications.
  • March 25:

    Check the Student Registration Status Report to see which of your clubs have students who have not yet completed their Online Registration. Contact the RYLA Chair of those clubs. Have they been in touch with their selected students, to make sure the student knows they must register by April 1, and provide signed paperwork by April 5. Remind the RYLA chair that they must collect, review, and mail the paperwork from all sponsored students, by April 15. Do they have any questions about the paperwork process? Do they know who from their club will be volunteering at RYLA? Even clubs who aren't sponsoring can volunteer! ... in fact, it's a great way for them to learn the importance of RYLA first hand, so that they may be more inclined to sponsor in the future!
  • May 1:

    Don’t forget to submit YOUR Volunteer Signup! The Volunteer Form should be up and running by the beginning of May. A link will be posted on the Get Involved page.
Committee Google Docs(pw-protected page)
See the FAQ page, or contact the D7910 RYLA Chair

Meeting Schedule & Info

Facilitator Meetings are Sundays, 1-5PM unless otherwise noted.

Meetings will be held at the Acton Cowork & Conference Center, 1 Acton Place, Acton, MA, unless otherwise noted.

Meeting Dates are scheduled early in the year, and may be subject to change. Participants should receive an email reminder a day or two in advance of each meeting.

2018-19 Facilitators Meeting Schedule

  • Mon. Jan 7, 2019 - GF Callbacks
  • Sun. Feb, 10, 2019 - [#1] GF Training Session
  • Sun. Mar. 10, 2019 - [#2] GF Training Session
  • Sun. Apr. 7, 2019 - [#3] GF Training Session
  • Sun. May 19, 2019 - [#4] GF Training Session
  • Sun. Jun. 9, 2019 - [#5] GFs/PFs onsite @Fitchburg State
  • Thurs. Jun 27, 2019 - Set-up @Fitchburg State - GFs/PFs arrive at 3pm
  • Fri-Sat-Sun June 28-29-30, 2019 - RYLA Youth Leadership Conference,
    Fri 9:30am – Sun 6pm @Fitchburg State

See the FAQ page, or contact the D7910 RYLA Chair