Customizing the Support Materials

“Customizable” Word Docs

Customize these files using your computer:
  1. OPEN the ".doc" file.
  2. REPLACE info in the highlighted areas with your club's information.
  3. Recommended: Select all text and change the text color to black, so that it doesn't look so much like a boilerplate.
  4. READ THROUGH the entire document to make sure you didn't miss anything.
  5. SAVE the doc.
  6. PRINT and distribute as appropriate.
NOTE: If you prefer, you can copy & paste the text onto your own Club Letterhead .doc file — just make sure to customize where indicated.

“Customizable” PDF Files

Customize these by computer/laptop, or by hand:
To customize by hand: (easier)
  1. DOWNLOAD/SAVE the PDF file to your computer. (Do not simply open it by clicking on the link.)
  2. PRINT the PDF file with blank form fields.
  3. FILL IN your club contact info in the pertinent areas, using a dark-colored pen or fine-tip marker. Make sure your written-in information is dark enough so that it will be readable on photocopies. (Pencil or light colored ink is NOT suitable.)
  4. Distribute (by hand, mail, or fax) to your local school/guidance counselor, or directly to students upon request.
To customize by computer or laptop: (more polished)
  1. DOWNLOAD/SAVE the PDF file to your computer. (Do not simply open it by clicking on the link.)
  2. LAUNCH Adobe Reader (version 8 or later) on your desktop or laptop computer.
    IMPORTANT: You MUST use version 8 or later, and it MUST be Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. Earlier versions of "Adobe", or other software such as "Preview" on Mac and "Chrome" browser on PC or Laptop, might allow you to OPEN the file, but you won't be able to customize anything and it probably won't print correctly.
  3. AFTER Adobe Reader is open on your computer, select OPEN from the file menu, locate the file, and open it.
  4. Click inside the editable fields* and FILL IN your club contact info.
    *(NOTE: Only the CLUB INFO fields are editable. STUDENT INFO must be entered by hand on a printout.)
  5. SAVE the PDF file on your computer's hard drive.
  6. You may then PRINT a copy of your Customized PDF that you can distribute by hand --- or, you can EMAIL the Customized PDF to a school/guidance counselor or directly to students upon request.

Any Questions?

See the Rotary Club FAQ page for answers, or Contact Us.
Club Reservations

Club Reservations

Declare how many students you will sponsor. 

Complete the eZ Space Reservation Form and send in payment no later than March 1.

Mail to the RYLA Treasurer:

Ed King
2 Howe Village, Unit C
Spencer, MA 01562
(508) 885-6999

Click here to see how many students your club has sponsored in recent years.

Training for Club RYLA Chairs

The district RYLA Committee will provide training to prepare you and your club for RYLA. All Club RYLA Chairs are required to attend this training. If your club does not have a RYLA Chair, the club’s President or another representative must attend.

  • Watch the RYLA Club Chair Training
  • Slides from the Training presentation
Registration Deadline

Students must submit their online registrations no later than April 15.

Parents must submit authorization for their student to participate no later than April 15.

Have your students completed this requirement?