Now is the time for Clubs to nominate candidates for the very important positions of District Governor and Trustee. See the nomination details and nomination forms, below. We hope to hear from many Clubs because there are so many potential candidates among our members.


This Saturday, September 17, 8:00 a.m.-2:30 p.m., Sheraton Hotel, Needham



Last Week, We Visited Clubs In Three Corners Of The District

By Pat and Skip Doyle

Our Club visits last week brought us to three corners of the District. It always amazes us to see that as diverse as our Clubs are, they have so many things in common. As we do with every Club we visit, we all recite the Rotary Four-Way Test because high ethical standards don’t ever go out of style and serving humanity is the most worthwhile thing any one of us can do with our lives. So many of the members of our Clubs have shared with us the many things they do as Clubs and individuals to serve humanity.
One highlight of our visits last week was seeing Past District Governor Roy Gilbert and his wife, Lois Glibert. They were warmly welcomed by their club, Gardner.
We also met with five other Past District Governors for one reason or another last week and this reminded us how vital it is to the health of the District that we have representative candidates each year for District Governor and members of the Board of Trustees. Remember that even though the Nominating Committee can only choose one District Governor each year, all Past Presidents are eligible to be considered. We have met so many qualified Past Presidents as we visited Clubs, and as we say any one of you could be District Governor. Give it a try. The deadline for applications is October 15.
See the Top Highlights banner of this newsletter for detailed information on the nomination process.




Click here to submit content for the September 19 issue to Immediate Past District Governor/Newsletter Editor Jim Fusco.



Click here for past issues.


  • Gauri Bhalakia, Southborough
  • Anna Metveychuk, Newton
  • Ludmila Pushak, Brookline

Club Membership Growth, ’16-‘17

Once a month, we will share with you the results of Club membership growth in our District during Rotary 2016-2017, which began July 1.









Tuesday, September 27: Bedford, Billerica, Lowell, Newton and Shrewsbury Rotary - 'Governor Baker - Featured Speaker at Rotary'
This is a unique opportunity for Rotarians and Friends to discuss partnering on humanitarian projects affecting our local communities.
5:00-9:00 p.m., DoubleTree Bedford Glen Hotel, Bedford
Click here to register
Limited seating, so register now!


Dan LeBlanc , Merrimack Valley












Please tell us what factors helped you decide to join Rotary.

Business, giving back to the community.  Saw the road signs, looked Rotary up online, found a time/club that worked for my schedule.



District Governors' Visits Last Week:


Fitchburg East (chartered 1981)

Left to right: Assistant Governor Bharti Bhakta, President Bill Walsh, and District Governor Pat Doyle.

















Gardner (chartered 1925)

Left to right: DG Skip Doyle, President Dawn Casavant, Assistant Governor Karen Fusco and DG Pat Doyle

















Wellesley (chartered 1946)

Left to right: Assistant Governor Kevin Fry, President Scott Secrest and District Governors Pat and Skip Doyle










Brookfields' Rotary Wheel Needs New Home

For more information: contact Lynn Duffey O'Shea at doolittlefarm60@yahoo.com.










Nashoba Valley Sponsors Razia's Ray Of Hope Event On October 27
The Rotary Club of Nashoba Valley is proud to sponsor the local premiere of What Tomorrow Brings, event to benefit Razia’s Ray of Hope, on Thursday, October 27 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the Ward Hall of the Fenn School, located at 6 Monument St. in Concord. Razia's Ray of Hope is a school for girls in Afghanistan that was founded by Razia Jan, a CNN Top 10 Hero.
Shown, left to right: Patty Quigley, executive director of Razia's Ray of Hope; Razia Jan; and District Governor Elect Karin Gaffney

Rotary Alumni: Where Are They Now?

Congratulations to Honore Johnson (shown), a former Youth Exchange student, on being selected to be a Fulbright Scholar. She graduated from Cornell University in May 2016. While at Cornell, she was a member of the Rotaract Club. Honore's studies will be in the area of conflict resolution in Taiwan.

Polio Team Visits Natick

Last week, Carl Good III, chair of the District Polio Committee, visited the well-organized and active Rotary Club of Natick, giving his short talk with an emphasis on donations.  The Natick club only did $30 last year.  Most don't realize how to indicate Polio Plus and that it is different from donations to The Rotary Foundation. Carl handed out the donation form with proper boxes checked.  Also, he gave the club president, Vincent Tingley, information about Amanda Graves, the newest member of the District Polio Committee, recommending her as a speaker.

There was an interesting comment from a member about barbershops in the Boston area having iron lungs in the early '50s. If you were having breathing problems, you could go into the barbershop and get help. Carl hasn't been able to verify this on the web.
You may contact Carl Good III at carlgood@yahoo.com.


Shrewsbury Update On Haiti Battery Grant

This past Rotary year, the Rotary Club of Shrewsbury partnered with a Rotary club in Minnesota to provide improvements to the maternity center of Heartline Ministries in Haiti. Our part of the project was to provide funds—along with a District Matching Grant—to purchase an inverter and batteries for the center’s power system.

Elizabeth Thompson, of the Heartline Foundation, reports, " ... The generator, batteries, and inverter were purchased and installed earlier this spring, making a significant difference for the staff and women served at the maternity center. Because electrical power from Port au Prince is only on for several hours a day and never reliable, having these backup power sources has made a tremendous difference in the quality of care provided to women - especially, in the middle of the night, when women often labor and give birth. The kitchen renovation is also complete, and the bathroom construction is nearly completion.”





















Leominster Helps Send Message Of Thanks, Support To Leominster Police

August 26 Sentinel & Enterprise article by Peter Jasinski:

Political yard signs have popped up along roads across the country this year, but the newest ones coming to Leominster won't have anything to do with candidates running for office.

The Leominster Rotary Club kicked off a campaign of their own on Thursday to show their support for local police.

With some of the signs, from left, are Rotary members Frank Ardinger, Nikki Paglieroni, John Souza, past President Claire Freda, current President Jennifer Stacy and Bharti Bhakta, with Police Officers Michael Booth, Eric Craig, John Bouchard and Billy Taylor, and Rotary members Mary Dean and Victor Bhakta. Photo/John Love


Marlborough Partners With Local Groups On Mental-Health Crisis Intervention

The Rotary Club of Marlborough,Employment Options and the MetroWest chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness have partnered to conduct an event on mental-health crisis intervention, Many Hands, Many Partnerships, on Thursday, September 29, 2016 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. atEmployment Options, 82 Brigham St.Marlborough. Networking will start at 5:30 p.m., with food and beverages served. The partnering organizations invite all members of the community to attend and join the conversation.

Many Hands, Many Partnerships will be a community dialogue on how we can better work together to help individuals and families in a mental-health crisis get the support they need. It takes a community to manage a mental-health crisis. All too often, we rely entirely on the police to manage such a crisis. Although our local police departments play a valuable role in a crisis, emergency first-responders, mental-health clinicians, individuals with lived experience, and family members all play equally valuable roles. 

The event will include a feature presentation and panel discussion. Audience questions and participation will be encouraged. Feature presenter, Chief Craig Davis of the Ashland Police Department, will speak on “Crisis Diversion and Linkages.” The topic of the panel will be “Crisis Intervention to Crisis Management to Family Need and Support to Recovery.” Chief Davis will join Chief Mark Leonard of the Marlborough Police Department and John Deronck of Emergency Services Advocates in the panel discussion.  

The Many Hands, Many Partnerships event is part of a community mental-health-awareness campaign to draw attention to the needs of those with mental illness, change negative perceptions, and promote recovery and healthy communities. The partners’ objectives include finding innovative community-based solutions to mental-health needs, with a focus on helping young people, and developing clear steps for communities to address their mental-health needs in a way that complements existing local activities.

For more information on the Many Hands, Many Partnerships event, visit marlboroughrotary.orgemploymentoptions.org, or namimetrowest.org

To register in advance, call 508-251-9595 or email namimetroWest@namimetrowest.org.

Rotary Leadership Institute of Northeast America Annual Meeting


The Rotary Leadership Institute is a multi-district, grassroots leadership-development program of member districts organized into regional divisions in various parts of the world. RLI is not an official program of Rotary International and is not under its control. For more information, click here.

Shown: Past District Governor Ed King of Northborough Rotary presents the Registrar's Report.
















Next Nashoba Valley Rotary, Bolton Local Repair Café On September 24

What do you do with a broken toaster or lamp? Or with a shirt or blouse with a seam that is ripped out? Toss it? No way! Bring them to the Bolton Repair Café. The Rotary Club of Nashoba Valley, with help from Bolton Local, is hosting the next Bolton Repair Café on Saturday,September 24 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The event will be held in the cafeteria of the Florence Sawyer School, located at 100 Mechanic St. in Bolton. The school is located behind the Emerson School, which is on the same driveway/street.

Residents of Bolton and surrounding towns are invited to come and find out what a Repair Café is all about. At the Repair Café, sponsored by Nashoba Valley Rotary,everything centers on making repairs. Knowledgeable volunteers will help repair items such as clean, mendable clothing, lamps, small appliances, computers and other electronics, bikes, toys, outdoor power equipment, and jewelry. They can also sharpen knives, scissors, and garden tools. You only pay for needed parts. If you know what parts are needed, please get them ahead of time and bring them to the Repair Café to save time. Volunteers at the Repair Café will look at all items brought in and try to repair them. If the volunteers cannot repair something, they will offer suggestions about where you could go for repairs.

Unlike a “fix-it” shop, where people drop off items to be repaired and continue about their day, the Repair Café is meant to get people involved with the repair process and create connections with others in the community. People bringing in items for repair are asked to stay while your items are being fixed. You can just watch, help with the repair, fix the item yourself with help from volunteers, or just have a snack and visit with neighbors.

Promoting repairs will help reduce mountains of waste. According to organizer Ray Pfau, a Nashoba Valley Rotarian, “We throw away lots of things that often have almost nothing wrong with them, things that could easily be used again after a simple repair. Unfortunately, many people have forgotten that they can fix things. Repair Café wants to change all that.” (Shown, right, is Ray Pfau addressing a recent Worcester Rotary meeting. Click here to view additional photos of that event by Worcester Rotarian Rich Prager.)

Repair Café is also meant to put neighbors in touch with each other in a new way. Neighbors may discover that a lot of know-how and practical skills can be found close to home. Pfau added, “If you repair a bike, a CD player, or a pair of trousers with previously unfamiliar neighbors, you look at them in a different light the next time you see them. Jointly making repairs can lead to connections in the community.” Making repairs can also save money and resources.

The Bolton Repair Café is sponsored by Nashoba Valley Rotary with support from Bolton Local and the Repair Café Foundation. The Foundation has been organizing Repair Cafés since 2010 in the Netherlands and has provided support since January 2011 to local groups in and outside the Netherlands wanting to start their own Repair Cafés.

Click here for a recent Boston Globe profile of the Bolton Repair Cafe.

For more information, contact Ray Pfau at 978-779-5545 or ray.pfau@alum.mit.edu, or visit www.nashobarotary.org.


Pat and Skip Doyle Installed As 2016-2017 District Governors

District 7910's 2016 Rotary Youth Leadership Awards were held on June 24 through 26 at Fitchburg State University, ending with the installation of longtime RYLA supporters Pat and Skip Doyle as District Governors for 2016-2017. The three-day RYLA event was attended by 188 sophomores. To learn more about RYLA, visit ryla7910.org.


Click on the image, to view a video of the installation of Pat and Skip Doyle as '16-'17 DGs













Westborough Rotary Heralds Successful Triathlon

The Rotary Club of Westborough has produced a Special Rotary Club of 2016 Westborough Sprint Triathlon Supplement. Produced by Club member Ron Goodenow, the supplement heralds the Club's very successful triathlon, including the day before the event, when Club members, Boy ScoutsSun Multi Sport Events staff, and friends turning out to prepare the roads, trails, fields and beach for competition.


















District Leadership Meeting A Huge Success

How HUGE? So HUGE that another is planned for October 17!

District Governors Pat and Skip Doyle held their Leadership Meeting on July 19 at the DoubleTree Hotel in Leominster. This is an annual event for which DGs bring their District leaders and committee chairs together to review the goals for the new Rotary year.

This, year the event was presented in a facilitated format. The results will be consolidated and sent to all attendees so that the District Goals for each committee can be set.

District Banners Available

Our district banners are available for your to use when you have an upcoming event or fundraiser. 

If you want to reserve one of the banners, please contact PR Chair Laura Spear at laura@spear.net.


On To Atlanta In 2017

Planning to attend? Contact District Chair Steve Glines.

More than 43,000 attendees left the Rotary International Convention in South Korea inspired to end polio for good, to celebrate The Rotary Foundation's centennial, and to champion changes that will help Rotary appeal to a broader audience.

On the last day, RI President K.R. “Ravi” Ravindran shared a personal story of his mother’s triumph over polio. 

To read the story, click here.

To register for the 2017 RI Convention in Atlanta, click here


Save The Dates: Rotary Golf Tournaments In Our District













Friday September 16: District 7910 Golf League - Monoosnock Country Club, Leominster. Click here for event flyer, in  PDF format.

Friday September 16: Natick Rotary: 22nd Annual Golf Tournament - Juniper Hills. Click here for information.

Monday, September 19: Wachusett Area Rotary - 24th Annual Golf Tournament, Oak Hill Country Club, Fitchburg. Click here for Save The Date flyer, in PDF format Click here for Sponsorship Opportunities flyer, in PDF format.


Friday, September 16: District 7910 - 'Golf Fellowship', Monoosnock Country Club, Leominster

Click here for event flyer, in PDF format
















Saturday, September 17: District 7910 - 'Interact Teen and Advisor Training,' Needham

 Click here for event flyer, in PDF format
















Sunday, September 18 - Northborough - 'Applefest Street Fair'








Monday, September 19: Wachusett Area Rotary  - '24th Annual Golf Tournament,' Fitchburg

Click here for save-the-date flyer, in PDF format

Click here for sponsorship opportunities, in PDF format












Monday, September 19: Shrewsbury Rotary - 'Amanda Graves: On being a polio survivor'

Don't miss the presentation. Amanda (shown) is the newest member of the District 79010 Polio Team, chaired by Carl Good III. READ MORE

To read the press releaseclick here













Tuesday, September 27: Bedford, Billerica, Lowell, Newton and Shrewsbury Rotary - 'Governor Baker - Featured Speaker at Rotary'

5:00-9:00 p.m., DoubleTree Bedford Glen Hotel, Bedford

Click here to RSVP


Thursday, September 29: Marlborough Rotary - 'Many Hands, Many Partnerships'

Click here to download event flyer, in PDF format







Friday, October 14: Montachusett Area Rotary - 'Comedy Night,' Knights of Columbus, Leominster

For tickets and information, contact Club President Jennifer Peck at montachusettarearotary@gmail.com























Send flyers of your club's major events and activities, in either JPEG or PDF format, to Immediate Past District Governor/Newsletter Editor Jim Fusco 

at jim.fusco2@gmail.com.



You may submit event information per the District 7910 Promotional GuidelinesIf your club does not use ClubRunner, please send your event information to Rotary District 7910 Newsletter. And make sure to add the e-mail address of Immediate Past Governor/Newsletter Editor Jim Fusco,  jim.fusco2@gmail.com, to your club's distribution list.



Today: Monday, September 12
Today: Monday, September 12
5:00-9:00 p.m.
Wednesday, September 14
6:30-8:30 p.m.
Holiday Inn, Boxborough
Saturday, September 17
8:00 a.m.-2:30 p.m.
Sheraton Needham Hotel, Needham

Monday, September 19

Monday, September 19
5:15–8:00 p.m.
Ransome Room (Math & Arts Center) of Concord Academy, Concord
Wednesday, September 21
6:30-9:00 p.m.

Monday, September 26-Friday, September 30
Winnipeg, Canada

Participating Clubs: Bedford, Billerica, Lowell, Newton and Shrewsbury
Tuesday, September 27
5:00-9:00 p.m.
DoubleTree Bedford Glen Hotel, Bedford

Thursday, October 6
7:00-9:00 p.m.
North High School, Newton




We want to share a letter from Rotary International General Secretary John Hewko:
Dear Senior Leaders,     
Rotary members worldwide stand together with the people of Italy, showing an outpouring of support.
For a related ShelterBox article, click here.

Dean Rohrs: '16-'17 RI Director for Zones 24 & 32

New: Her September newsletter is here

District 7910 is one of 20 Districts in Zone 32 and Dean Rohrs is the RI Director for Zones 24 & 32. We want you to be aware that she publishes a newsletter each month titled "Beyond Borders" To read her September newsletter, click here

Sam Owori Selected As 2018-2019 Rotary International President
Sam Owon is a Ugandan businessman and a member of the Rotary Club of Kampala.

Still Time To Register For Zone Institute

Starting Wednesday, September 28
For information, click here

Meet The '16-'17 RI President: John Germ

For his Membership Messageclick here
From the July 2016 issue of The Rotarian
Just before John Germ dropped by, Rick Youngblood took a deep breath. “You want to match his energy,” he says, “but he makes it hard to keep up.” Youngblood is the president and CEO of Blood Assurance, a regional blood bank in Chattanooga, Tennessee that Germ helped found in 1972.

Young Women In Peru Learn To See A Future In Themselves

In Peru, women suffer higher rates of poverty and unemployment than men. About 50 percent of Peruvian women in the Sacred Valley region, which lies outside Cusco, will suffer severe physical or sexual partner abuse during their lifetimes. In 2012, members of the Rotary Club of Boulder’s New Generations pilot satellite club came up with a plan to address all of those problems by concentrating on empowering local women – specifically in their ability to make and act upon their decisions.  READ MORE

Rotaract Projects Create Sustainable Change On A Global Scale

Nearly 140 Rotaractors and guests from across East Africa teamed up to help survivors of genocide plant and harvest their own kitchen gardens. The healthy fruits and vegetables help the residents maintain a balanced diet and provides them a sustainable, reliable food source. READ MORE

Campaign To End Polio: What you don't know

When was the last time there was polio in Europe? If you guessed 2002, the year the region was certified polio-free, you were wrong. The last time polio affected a child in Europe was last summer. In 2015, two Ukrainian children were diagnosed with paralytic polio. Given the way the disease manifests itself, that means many more were likely infected and didn’t show symptoms. At least one Western news outlet deemed the outbreak “crazy” – but the reality is that no place on Earth is safe from polio until the disease is eradicated everywhere. READ MORE
Water & Sanitation Rotarian Action Group: June Newsletter
For the  latest WASRAGNewsletter, click here.

What Millennials Love About Rotary

Millennials, an ethnically diverse, fiercely independent generation of digital natives, are doing more than just snapping selfies—they’re looking for a way to make a difference in their communities. For Rotary, the Millennial era could mean an influx of young, energetic members. READ MORE

Get Ready For Your District Rotary Foundation Seminar

The Rotary Foundation is celebrating its 100th year of Doing Good in the World. Take the opportunity to strengthen your district and clubs during your district Rotary Foundation seminar by using resources from centennial.rotary.org.

Go to the Promotional resources tab to download the following Centennial Promotional Kit materials:

  • Ideas and activities for clubs
  • Doing Good in the World promotional flier
  • Doing Good in the World bookmark
  • Sample press release
  • Centennial letterhead
  • Centennial PowerPoint template
  • History of the Rotary Foundation PowerPoint
  • Centennial postcard

Let others know about these materials they can use to promote the Foundation in their clubs and communities. 

Membership Materials on Sale: Order Now!
To order, click here

New Tools For Membership Tool Belt

Looking to enhance your club membership experience? Do you want to find opportunities for growth in your club? Club and district leaders now have a set of updated Membership Assessment Tools (formerly Club Assessment Tools) to help them strengthen club membership and add value to your club membership experience, so that more people will join and fewer members will leave.
For your convenience, you can download the entire publication, or just the individual assessments that are most relevant to your club.
The individual assessments, which walk users through evaluation and development of an action plan, include: READ MORE

A How-To Membership Leads Video

Click here for a new video that helps district and club leaders make the most of the recently enhanced Membership Leads resource. It shows how to track a prospective member from the initial membership-leads submission all the way to connection with a local club. It also outlines the role of club and district leaders in the redesigned process, highlighting how their participation will help strengthen membership, and features the new Rotary resources available to support them. Join the conversation in the Membership Best Practices discussion group to tell us how you’re using the new Membership Leads resource to grow and diversify membership.

RI Membership Resource Guide

To download in PDF format, click here

RI Makes Changes In 'Brand Center' Online Tool


We hope that you've found Rotary International’s Brand Center a useful tool to create customized logos and brochures - and to tell Rotary's story in a consistent and engaging way.

Rotary Global Rewards: Sign Up Today!

Click here for more information
Click here to e-mail District ChairJudy Merrimam
Have you tried Rotary Global Rewards — Rotary International’s new member-benefit program that offers discounts on travel, hotels, dining, entertainment and more? Rotary Global Rewards will make your Rotary membership even more rewarding.

'16-'17 Rotary Theme: 'Rotary Serving Humanity'

To download the image in JPEG format, click here.

Check Out 'Rotary Voices' Blog
Check out Rotary Voices, the official blog of Rotary International. This blog features stories by and about Rotary members, Rotary program alumni, and the people we partner and work with.



                                                                                        YOUTH TICKETS GO ON SALE ON MONDAY SEPTEMBER 19: To Register <click here>



By  Karin Gaffney









PolioPlus Update: October An Important Month For Foundation, PolioPlus

By Carl Good III

October is an important month for both The Rotary Foundation and PolioPlus.

Membership Corner: Corporate Memberships In Rotary

By Tom Sturiale








In our renewed zeal to broaden our membership, we are approaching large corporations and businesses to join our organization.


Membership Materials on Sale: Order Now!

To order, click here









Foundation Note: Six '16-'17 Global Grant Proposals Under Review By Grants Subcommittee

By Sanjay Deshpande








The District Grants Subcommittee under the leadership of Chair Jorge Yarzebski is taking up six Global Grant proposals for review in September for the allocation of $46,436 available in District Designated Funds for such grants in this 2016-2017 Rotary year.


PR Tips: ... More About Pictures

By Laura Spear






Make sure your photos reflect connections and community and are not staged.


Treasurer's Report: Message About Your Dues

By Jack Hoell







The Rotary International dues bills were e-mailed to the 51 clubs in our District on July 22 and the District dues bills were e-mailed to clubs on July 26. 


District Charity Fund: How Does DCF Operate?

By Al Bowers







The District Charity Fund is a 501(c)3 charitable, non-profit that can be used by the Rotary clubs in District 7910. 


Communications Link: Seeking Club Photo, Video Albums

By Steve Jones-D'Agostino








Does your District committee or Club have Rotary-related photo and/or video albums that you'd like to share with other Rotarians?


Bandey-Hefler Prepares For Trip To England: The Plane Leaves in Just 7 Days!

By Victor Tom









Our travelers are anxiously awaiting their two-week trip to England that begins on September 19.


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