Upcoming Events
You may submit event information per the District 7910 Promotional GuidelinesIf your club does not use ClubRunner, please send your event information to Rotary District 7910 Newsletter. And make sure to add  jim.fusco2@gmail.com to your club's distribution list.

2016 District Conference: Plymouth Rocks!
by District 7910 Conference Committee
May 20, 21 and 22
Hotel 1620 At Plymouth Harbor, Plymouth
Click here to Register Now!
Click here to download the 11-page, 'everything you need to know' District Conference Booklet, which contains:
  • Schedule
  • Pricing
  • Hospitality 'Sweets' Request Form
  • Cruise Registration Form
  • Golf Registration Form
  • Frequently Asked Questions
Click here to watch the three-minute promo video, produced by Assistant Governor Richard Simon

RYLA: Volunteers Sought
Volunteers are being sought for the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards.
Click here, to volunteer now

Club Visits
Invite District Governor Jim Fusco to your club's special events!
If you have any special club events that you would like me to attend or any inductions or presentations that you would like me to make, please let me know.
DG Jim 

District Events
Monday, April 25-Monday, May 23
Monday, April 25 
6:30-9:00 p.m.
Holiday Inn, Boxborough
Tuesday, April 26
6:30-9:00 p.m.
Holiday Inn, Boxborough
Wednesday, April 27
6:30-9:00 p.m.
DoubleTree Hotel, Leominster

Saturday, April 30
8:30 a.m.-12:00 noon
Hilton Garden, Waltham
Wednesday, May 4 
6:30 – 9:00 p.m.
DoubleTree Hotel, Leominster

Saturday, May 7
7:30 a.m.– 3:30 p.m.
Holiday Inn Boston-Peabody, Peabody
Monday, May 9
5:30-9:00 p.m.
DoubleTree Hotel, Leominster

Monday, May 9
5:30-9:00 p.m.
DoubleTree Hotel, Leominster

Tuesday, May 10
6:30-9:00 p.m.
Holiday Inn, Boxborough
Wednesday, May 11 
6:30-9:00 p.m.
DoubleTree Hotel, Leominster
Thursday, May 12
12:00 noon-5:00 p.m.
Sterling Country Club, Sterling
Thursday, May 12
6:00-9:30 p.m.
Holiday Inn, Boxborough
Saturday, May 15 
12:30–5:30 p.m.
Holiday Inn, Boxborough

Friday, May 20–Sunday, May 22
Hotel 1620 at Plymouth Harbor (formerly Plymouth Radisson)
Friday, May 20–Sunday, May 22
Saturday, May 21

12:00 noon–4:00 p.m.
Squirrel Run Country Club, Plymouth
Saturday, May 21
12:00 noon–4:00 p.m.
Saturday, May 21
1:00– 2:30 p.m.
Plymouth Harbor
Saturday, May 21

6:00-7:00 p.m.
Hotel 1620 at Plymouth Harbor (formerly Plymouth Radisson)

RI Spotlight

Annual per-capita dues to increase $4

Dear Council on Legislation delegates, District Governors, District Governors-elect, and regional Rotary leaders,

John Hewko - Rotary International General SecretaryCongratulations! The 2016 Council on Legislation was by all accounts a great success, thanks to the strong commitment, diligence and hard work of its delegates in carrying out the Council’s critical role in Rotary's governance.

The Council took a number of forward looking decisions on membership and meeting flexibility and other items, including increasing annual per capita dues by $4.

Nine out of 10 Rotarians have asked Rotary to provide more services, and it was clear to the Council, based on the five-year financial forecast presented by the [Rotary International] Board, that without the dues increase, service to clubs and districts would have to be decreased. As a result of the Council’s action, dues to RI will increase by $4 per year in each of the years 2017-'18, 2018-'19, and 2019-'20. The increase will enable us to enhance Rotary’s website, improve online tools, add programs and services, and make other advancements to help clubs grow their membership and better serve communities.

Please find more information here about the dues increase, why it was needed, and the impact it will have in supporting our organization’s work at all levels in the years ahead. I encourage you to share this information with Rotarians in your club, district, and region. You can also read a wrap-up of the Council’s actions on rotary.org.


John Hewko

General Secretary

Rotary International

A how-to membership leads video

Click here for a new video that helps district and club leaders make the most of the recently enhanced Membership Leads resource. It shows how to track a prospective member from the initial membership-leads submission all the way to connection with a local club. It also outlines the role of club and district leaders in the redesigned process, highlighting how their participation will help strengthen membership, and features the new Rotary resources available to support them. Join the conversation in the Membership Best Practices discussion group to tell us how you’re using the new Membership Leads resource to grow and diversify membership.

Bono on Rotary and Polio
This year marks 30 years since Rotary launched PolioPlus, its campaign to rid the world of polio. Since the beginning of Rotary's 111th anniversary, on February 23, Rotary members worldwide have been holding events to celebrate three decades of polio-eradication progress. Click here to watch a two-and-a-half-minute video titled "Bono On Rotary and Polio," produced by Steve Kirk of Concord Rotary.
Note: This video is a fine example of wht you can do with RI promotional materials. At District 7910's Social Media Seminar on March 31, Steve Kirk demonstrated how to create a video. For more information, contact him atsteve@esicomputing.com.

RI Makes Changes in 'Brand Center' Online Tool


We hope that you've found Rotary International’s Brand Center a useful tool to create customized logos and brochures - and to tell Rotary's story in a consistent and engaging way.

We'd like to inform you of a recent change to the online tool. Starting today, April 4, any logos or brochures you create using one of our templates will be automatically deleted from your profile 30 days after your last change or edit. Logos and brochures created before April 4 will be deleted on May 2, unless you make a change or edit to the template.

We recommend that once you have finished your customized logo or brochure, you download the document in PDF, PNG, or JPEG format on your own computer.

Reminders of this change will be posted on Brand Center’s template and logo pages.

Zone 32 Foundation Webinar Now Available
On February 2, Rotary Zone 32, of which District 7910 is a part, held a webinar titled “Best Practices to Improve Foundation Giving." If you missed that webinar, click here to watch video of it, and click here to download the PowerPoint presentation for it.
To read Zone 24 & 32's February 2016 Beyond Borders newsletter, click here.

RI Membership Resource Guide: Winter 2016
To download in PDF format, click here

New Tools For Membership Tool Belt
Looking to enhance your club membership experience? Do you want to find opportunities for growth in your club? Club and district leaders now have a set of updated Membership Assessment Tools (formerly Club Assessment Tools) to help them strengthen club membership and add value to your club membership experience, so that more people will join and fewer members will leave.
For your convenience, you can download the entire publication, or just the individual assessments that are most relevant to your club.
The individual assessments, which walk users through evaluation and development of an action plan, include:
  1. Representing Your Community’s Professions: A Classification Assessment
  2. Diversifying Your Club: A Member Diversity Assessment
  3. Finding New Club Members: A Prospective Member Exercise
  4. Improving Your Member Retention: A Retention Assessment and Analysis
  5. Enhancing the Club Experience: Member Satisfaction Survey
  6. Understanding Why Members Resign: Exit Survey 
Historical trends show that there’s an increase in membership soon after the new year, so this is the perfect time to consider how you welcome new members into your club. Read how one club is using our New Member Welcome Kits to enhance their welcome and orientation.

Rotary Global Rewards: Sign Up Today!
Click here to learn more
Have you tried Rotary Global Rewards — Rotary International’s new member-benefit program that offers discounts on travel, hotels, dining, entertainment and more? Rotary Global Rewards will make your Rotary membership even more rewarding.
Rotary Global Rewards helps you share Rotary by:
  • Doing more good work: Involve more members in Rotary projects with savings on truck rentals, airfare, and hotels.
  • Building Rotary friendships: Forge richer friendships with fellow members with your dining and entertainment offers.
  • Sharing our story with someone new: Tell people about Rotary’s work when you use discounts at coffee shops and restaurants.
Our rewards program is even more special now because members are invited to build it. This fall, Rotarians can add their company’s special offers to our growing portfolio of Rotary Global Rewards.
Where will Rotary Global Rewards take you? Sign in to My Rotary, go to the Member Center, and learn more. If you don’t have an account, create one now at www.rotary.org/myrotary.The good you do comes back to you!
Click here to tell us your Rotary story. How has your life or your community been touched by Rotary? We’d like to hear about your experiences, your accomplishments, and your favorite moments. Add a photo, a video, or just a few sentences to share your Rotary Story.

2016-2017 Rotary Theme: 'Rotary Serving Humanity'
To download the image in JPEG format, click here.

Check Out Rotary Voices Blog
Check out Rotary Voices, the official blog of Rotary International. This blog features stories by and about Rotary members, Rotary program alumni, and the people we partner and work with.
Governor's Message
Place your Personal, Business or Club  Ad in the District Conference Program Souvenir Book
Complete and e-mail this Order Form ASAP to Cheryl Rosen at cherylr@tiac.net
By Jim Fusco
 Before I dive deeply into this week’s message, I want to let you know that Acton-Boxborough will have a great speaker at its lunch meeting Wednesday, May 4. Their speaker is Past District Governor (2008-2009) UB Bhat of District 3910 in Bangalore, India, who will talk about his experiences as a passenger on the Indian Airlines flight that was hijacked. He was held hostage for nearly two weeks and has a great story to tell. If you plan to attend this presentation, please let club President Diana Nestorova know so the restaurant has a reasonable count. Contact Diana at diana_nestorova@hotmail.com. They ring the bell at 12 noon.
For more information on PDG UB Bhat (shown, right), click here and click here.
District-wide, Rotary-club membership was down a net of one last week, which was disappointing. Let’s continue to do great things in our communities and get these stories published in the local media. Then, we will resume the upward trend in membership. Remember that all you need to do is identify a person whom you believe would make a Great Rotarian - and ask them. Read more
Click here to download or print this newsletter, in PDF format.
Click here for past issues.
Download or print the meeting minutes for 2016 District Conference Committee
(Rotary member login is required)

District & Club Rounds
District Membership Webinar Set For This Wednesday
By Satya Mitra
District 7910’s Membership Committee has set a Membership Development Webinar for Wednesday, April 27 at 7:00 p.m. To register, click here. After registering, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing information about joining the webinar.
Increasing the number of members should be a top priority for your Rotary club. As we approach the beginning of the 2016-2017 Rotary year, every club should have a Membership Development Plan in place to increase and retain membership.
The webinar will include the process of creating a Membership Development Plan plus provides strategies and tools you can use to attract and engage new members.
Club-assessment tools will be shared that will enable you to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your club related to attracting and retaining members. There will be a review of best practices to be a vibrant club,which is essential to attracting new members.
The webinar is intended for club officers, club Membership chairs, Membership Committee members, assistant governors and anyone interest in learning how to increase membership in your club.
Satya Mitra, who chairs the District Membership Committee, may be reached at satya@thegurutax.com.
Looking to enhance your club-membership experience? Do you want to find opportunities for growth in your club? Club and district leaders now have a set of updated Membership Assessment Tools (formerly Club Assessment Tools) to help you strengthen club membership and add value to your club membership experience, so that more people will join and fewer members will leave.

WPI Rotaract Promotes Ecuadorean Earthquake Relief Effort
Image result for ecuadorThrough WPI Rotaract, Ecuadorian students at WPI have issued the following request for assistance in the wake of the recent devastating earthquake that struck their country:

"On Saturday, April 16, a 7.8 earthquake stuck our country, Ecuador. People lost family members, their homes, their sources of income and much more, leaving them homeless heartbroken. It is going to be a long journey for them to rebuild their homes and reestablish peace and serenity in them. However, you can help us raise awareness by donating to this fundraiser.

"Working side-by-side with the Ecuadorian Scouts Association, we have created a GoFundMe campaign where all the funds raised in the next days will be directly donated to the “Grupo Scout Liceo Internacional” (Boys Scouts of the International School), which will use the money to build emergency shelters for the survivors who lost their houses.

"If you would like to donate any other time, the link to our GoFundMe campaign is: https://www.gofundme.com/AidEcuador

Image result for ecuador"We are reaching out to you and to the wonderful WPI community because we were lucky enough not to lose any family members, but more than 500 (until now) people did. State officials have said that the expected victim count will surpass the 1,000 mark. This is why we feel in the obligation and the necessity to reach out to as many people as possible in order to help these families out.

"More information about the earthquake can be obtained in the CNN article (http://www.cnn.com/2016/04/18/americas/ecuador-earthquake/index.html), directly to our GoFundMe page, or by searching with the hashtags #ecuadorearthquake #AllEcuadorNeedsIsYou #prayforecuador. If you would like more information about the emergency shelters, you can visit: http://www.cd-ec.org/vivienda-emergente/

"Please, if you can share the GoFundMe link, above, with your family, friends and relatives, the people of Ecuador and us will thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for your support and generosity. Even a modest contribution helps and your support is greatly appreciated!"

Marlborough Rotary Serves 'Dining for a Cause' Tomorrow Evening
Marlborough Rotary invites friends and family – and those who support the work of the Marlborough Rotary Club Foundation – to join us for dinner at the 99 Restaurant & Pub tomorrow, April 26, from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. The Marlborough 99 Restaurant & Pub has generously offered to donate 15 percent of the food purchase by those presenting a voucher from the Rotary club. 
Club President Michael Lashua notes, “We are grateful to the 99 Restaurant for their generosity and community spirit.  The monies raised will help fund scholarships, polio eradication, mental-health awareness, and a host of Rotary projects for which funds are needed.”
For more information, contact Peggie Thorsen, Publicity chair of Marlborough Rotary, at 508-481-5453 or 

Fitchburg, Montachusett Area Rotary Clubs' 'Take Me Out To The Ball Game!' To Benefit The Arc
Spring is in the air and it is time for outdoor activities, spring cleaning, baseball games and the fourth annual "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" fundraiser benefiting The Arc of Opportunity!  For the fourth consecutive year Fitchburg Rotary and Montachusett Area Rotary are partnering to hold this event, which benefits The Arc’s Recreation and Family Support program.
The event is this Friday, April 29 at 6:00 p.m. at The Arc, in the Vocational Work area that is turned into a replica of Fenway Park. The replica features the “Green Monster,” where we will be keeping score of the live game being played between the Rex Sox and the Yankees, and many other themed touches. Shown, left, is the Wachusett Dirt Dawgs mascot posing with a fan of that Futures Collegiate Baseball League team.
Attendees of this event really get into the spirit from all of the baseball amenities offered for the low-entry price of only $10 per person. Your ticket gets you entered into a raffle to win a big-screen TV, play baseball-themed games, participate in the beer-tasting hosted by local breweries, and enjoy the baseball game, food and popcorn. There is a live DJ at the event playing your favorites, hosting the “Sweet Caroline” sing-a-long and announcing the score from the live game going on between the Red Sox and the Yankees. There is a live auction at the event as well, hosted by Rick Clouthier, where you can get a chance bid on some of the baseball memorabilia that are featured. A cash bar at the event is also featured, where you can get a cold beer or wine to go with that hot dog with chili you just got.
While this event is held at The Arc, it is a Rotary fundraiser and possible only by the hard work, dedication and partnership of the Fitchburg and Montachusett Area clubs. Rotarians from both clubs volunteer their time to organize the event, solicit donations of food, services, and items, sell tickets, get sponsors, make decorations and set up for the event. Rotarians also staff the event - serving food, selling tickets at the door, hosting the games and raffles and just making sure everyone has a great evening. So come to the event and bring your friends. While you are there, meet some of the Rotarians who make this possible and meet many of the people, whom this event benefits, who are in our Recreation and Family Support programs. See you there!

Nashoba Valley Rotary Brings Financial Reality to Nashoba Regional High Sophomores
On April 15, 271 sophomores at Nashoba Regional High School learned a little more about life ahead of them in the high school’s fourth annual financial Reality Fair. Organized by Nashoba Valley Rotary with support from the high school’s Guidance Department and Clinton Savings Bank, the Reality Fair presented a financial-learning experience for all 10th-grade students in an interactive and fun format.
As part of their career-exploration curriculum, the students researched a career and related salary and were presented with a monthly pay stub, complete with taxes and student loans. The students then had to use their net earnings to purchase housing, utilities, insurance, transportation, food, clothing, and other personal items. They also had to deal with 401(k) contributions, entertainment and recreation temptations, and a spin on the Wheel of Fortune, which represented life’s unexpected windfalls and financial fortunes or misfortunes.
“All of the students were so engaged and seemed to learn something from this experience.” says Laura Spear, a member of Nashoba Valley Rotary and the event organizer. “Our volunteers had so much fun working with the students and seeing the light bulb ‘turn on’ when they realized how quickly a paycheck can be spent! One student even returned two Porsches he had purchased.”
About 60 volunteers from local businesses, the community, and various Rotary clubs staffed service tables to help teach the students the reality of financial management. Nashoba Valley Rotary President Jim Stone comments, "This is our fourth year of sponsoring the Reality Fair, and I am delighted this event is now a tradition at the high school. I really appreciate our partnership with the high school and Clinton Savings Bank to make this life-changing program a success. “
Nashoba Valley Rotary serves the towns of Lancaster, Bolton, and Stow, giving life to the Rotary motto, "Service Above Self." For more information, send an e-mail to info@nashobarotary.org or visit www.nashobarotary.org. And, "like" the club's Facebook page at www.facebook.com/nashobavalley.

Ayer Rotary's Famous Ducky Wucky River Race Billed For May 7
The date for the famous Ducky Wucky River Race is set for May 7 and one lucky duck will win the grand prize of dinner for two anywhere in the world.  Tickets are now available from Ayer Rotary members and participating ticket sellers.
The race will kick off at 4:30 p.m. - rain or shine - with up to 5,000 rubber ducks racing down the Nashua River in Harvard. The bib number on the winning duck will determine which ticket holder wins the grand prize. Past prize winners have traveled to Venice, Paris, Tokyo, Cape Town, Sydney, and Jakarta.
Tickets will also be available on race day at the annual Apple Blossom Festival on Harvard Common.  The festival is a popular family attraction featuring live music, shopping, food,children’s games and fire truck rides. The festival is held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
The Ducky Wucky River Race and Apple Blossom Festival are the signature fundraisers of Ayer Rotary, which contributes all proceeds to charitable causes. The club serves the Ayer, Shirley, Harvard and Devens communities.
Ayer Rotary' recent community-service projects include Ramp to Freedom, which builds handicapped ramps for housebound people in the region. The club also annually provides scholarships to high school seniors and supports the Loaves & Fishes food pantry and numerous other worthy causes.
Ayer Rotary is able to make such contributions through the outpouring of community support and the generous contributions of the event sponsors, most of whom are locations for buying Ducky Wucky tickets. The 2016 race sponsors are:
  • Gervais Ford
  • North Middlesex Savings Bank
  • Nikopoulos Insurance
  • The Bull Run Restaurant
  • Ayer Moving and Storage
  • Phoenix Park
  • Alexander Advisors
  • IC Federal Credit Union
  • Thomas E. Sears Insurance Agency
  • SpringHill Suites by Marriott and Deves Common Center
  • Reese’s Travel Adventures, the exclusive travel agent of the Ducky Wucky River Race
For more information on the Ducky Wucky River Race and the Apple Blossom Festival, visit www.duckywucky.org.

Bedford Rotary To Pack Meals on May 14 For Stop Hunger Now

Bedford Rotary will attempt to feed 250,000 children with their fourth annual Meals for Kids food packaging event in partnership with Stop Hunger Now on May 14 at the Bedford campus of Middlesex Community College.

Bedford Rotary, composed of just a few dozen business professionals from Bedford and its surrounding communities, began feeding hungry children in 2013. That first year they established their relationship with Stop Hunger Now, they raised enough money and gathered enough volunteer packagers to put together enough packaged meals to feed 15,000 hungry children. Read more

Newton Rotary Accepting Auditions for May 21 'Newton Has Talent'
Newton Rotary's Newton Has Talent is again accepting auditions for its 2016 competition, which takes place on May 21. More than $1,500 in prize money is available,and anyone who is over 13 and lives, works or goes to school in Newton can compete.
“Newton Has Talent” is a major fundraiser for Newton Rotary. Each year, the club gives out scholarships to graduating seniors and grants to local organizations. The club also recognizes a "Student of the Month" each month, collects food and toiletries for local food pantries, provides camperships for kids who need some help with their summer plans, and does a variety of hands-on service projects that help the Newton community. 
For more information, contact Newton Membership Chair Susan Peghiny at suef0503@gmail.com.

District Social Media Seminar Was Great!
District 7910's Public Relations Committee featured Keynote Speaker Mary Curtis, owner of One Less Hat Consulting, on creating a social media strategy, followed by "beginner" and “experienced” tracks for users of all levels. We learned the basics of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, getting Facebook tips and tricks, advice on posting to multiple social media platforms at the same time, and creating quick and easy videos to highlight your club. Mix-and-match sessions were held to meet attendees knowledge and skill level.
Thank you to all the presenters: Nancy Dube (Dube Consulting); Doreen Nicastro (Nicastro Consulting); Liz Kaprielian (Framingham Rotary); Cheryl Rosen (Hudson Rotary), Steve Jones-D'Agostino(Auburn Rotary); and Steve Kirk (Concord Rotary). Thank you to PR ChairLaura Spear (Nashoba Valley Rotary) for coordinating this great event, and to Chris Spear (Nashoba Valley) for being our A/V man.
Here are videos of the keynote address plus the six informational sessions: (Chris Spear and Dan Hnatio shot the videos. Dan, who owns Active Communications in Stow, provided the equipment and edited the videos. Both Dan and Chris are members of Nashoba Valley Rotary.)
Click here to view and download the seminar photos, in JPEG format.
Click here to view and download the seminar flyer, in PDF format.
Questions? Contact Laura Spear, District 7910's Public Image chair, at laura@spear.net.

Rotary’s Dictionary Project Receives Rave Review From Framingham Parent
"Good Afternoon,
"I just wanted to pass on how absolutely thrilled the third-graders that I know from Hemenway Elementary School [in Framingham] were with their new dictionaries.  My  daughter could not stop talking about it.  She showed me everything that was in it and told me about the Rotary [Club] and was so excited about her name being in it, proving that it belonged to her.  I joked with the other moms that she was  more excited by this than she was when she got an American Girl doll.   
"Another mother told me her son took his [dictionary] to bed that night and breakfast the next morning. You made many children smile that day and it was very much  appreciated!
"Thanks again,
"Katie Bianchi"
To learn more about The Dictionary Project, click here.

District Conference: Things I want you to know
By Jim Fusco
We have two prepaid options for you to celebrate your free time on the afternoon of Saturday, May 21. Free time will be from 12 noon to 4 pm. Register for only one of these options because they will be occurring at the same time.
  • Harbor Cruise aboard the Pilgrim Belleclick here. Five-minute walk from the hotel. 1-1/12-hour cruise of Plymouth Harbor. You must register and pay for this event in advance because space is limited. Your price includes a box lunch: for Deli Box lunch $30, click here; and for Lobster Roll, $40, click here.
  • Golfing at the Squirrel Run Golf Courseclick here. 14 minute drive from the hotel. Tee time is 12 noon. A great opportunity to golf at the beautiful Squirrel Run Golf Course. Price is only $40 person and includes your golf cart. Space is limited so make your reservations early: click here.
Many other things to do
There are also many other things in the Plymouth area you can do. Here are a few suggestions. Registration is not required for these activities:

Ukraine Rotary Clubs Need Our Help With Recent Polio Outbreaks
Twenty-five years ago, the Rotary Club of Shrewsbury co-sponsored the first Rotary club in Ukraine, which was the Rotary Club of Kiev. Now, a quarter-century later, Ukraine needs our help with recent polio outbreaks in that eastern European nation.
Rotary in Ukraine has now has grown to more 43 clubs. Click here to watch a video posted by our fellow Rotarians in Ukraine regarding the recent outbreak of polio. It demonstrates that with low awareness and low vaccination rates, one plane ride can cause this disease reappear again overnight and anywhere - even in America. Ukraine Rotary clubs are looking for help. The best way is to make a donation of any size. To make a donation, click here.
Every donation gets amplified by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which donates $2 for every $1 donated by Rotarians. That causes each donation of $1 to triple to $3. Click here to learn more about that match.

Major District & Club Happenings: Spring & Summer 2016
Extended Deadline - Wednesday, April 27: District 7910 - Deadline for District Conference 'Hospitality "Sweets"'
Click here for request form, in PDF format

Thursday, April 28: Acton-Boxborough Rotary - 'Best of Times Wine, Beer, Food and Dessert Tasting'
Click here for tasting flyer, in PDF format

Extended Deadline - Friday, April 29: District 7910: Ad Deadline for  District Conference 'Souvenir Book'
Click here for the order form, in PDF format

Friday, April 29: Montachusett Area - 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame'
Click here for ballgame flyer, in PDF format

Friday, April 29: Wachusett Area - 'Roaring '20s Dinner Dance'
Click here for dinner-dance flyer, in PDF format

Sunday, May 1: Northborough Rotary - '5 & 10K Road/Trail Run'
Click here for run flyer, in PDF format

Thursday, May 5: District 7910 - Sign-Up Deadline for District Conference 'House of Friendship'
Click here for friendship flyer, in PDF format

Thursday, May 5: District 7910 - Sign-Up Deadline for District Conference 'Golf Outing'
Click here for golf flyer, in PDF format

Friday, May 6-Sunday, May 8: Westborough Rotary - 'Spring Festival'
Click here for festival flyer, in PDF format

Saturday, May 7: Ayer Rotary - 'Ducky Wucky River Race'
Click here for the race flyer, in PDF format

Thursday, May 12: Newton Rotary - 'Craft Beer Festival'
Click here for festival flyer, in PDF format

Friday, May 13: Leominster Rotary - 'Wine Pairing'
Click here for pairing flyer, in PDF format

Saturday, May 21 or First 90 People to Sign Up: District 7910 - Sign-Up Deadline for District Conference 'Harbor Cruise'
Click here for cruise flyer, in PDF format

Saturday, May 21: Newton Rotary - 'Newton Has Talent'
Click here for talent flyer, in PDF format

Saturday, June 4: Worcester - 'Celebrate Community Gala'
Click here for event details, in PDF format
Click here for sponsorship opportunities, in PDF format

May-September: District 7910 - 'Golf Fellowship'
Click here for golf flyer, in PDF format

Submit Major Club Happenings
Send flyers of your club's major events and activities, in either JPEG or PDF format, to Jim Fusco at jim.fusco2@gmail.com.

Committee Spotlight
DGE Report: Time to measure success of PETS training
By Pat and Skip Doyle
For the past few months, we have stressed our goal of training. The time has now come to measure the success of that goal.
One of the signs we look for is the number of presidents-elect who have registered on My Rotary and entered their club leadership data. As of last week, we were about 50 percent there. Please help us to make this at least 90 percent by May 8.
The second sign we look for is clubs with goals entered in Club Central. At this point, the percentage of clubs with goals entered is too low to even mention. Our specific goal is 90 percent of club goals set by July 1. Now is the time to put your training to work. Remember the Goal Listing Worksheet that we passed out at Post-PETS? Click here, to download it in Word format. Use it to begin setting your club goals and registering the data on Club Central. There will be a Club Central Workshop at the District Conference on Friday May 20 so if you need assistance just bring your computer and we will show you how to set your goals.
The best thing for presidents-elect to focus on is that this is all for the good of the club. Not District 7910. Not Rotary International. Not even us. The more you plan ahead, the better your year will be.
Please always feel free to reach out to either your assistant governor or us for help.
District Governors-Elect Pat and Skip Doyle may be reached at pwdoyle2@ verizon.net and skipdoyle2@verizon.net, respectively. 

Foundation Update: District Grant proposals received for 2016-‘17
By Sanjay Deshpande
Thirty-one clubs in our district have submitted proposals for District Grants for projects they intend to undertake during 2016-2017 Rotary year, which begins this July 1. The projects and clubs are listed below.
The total of requested grants is $44,500 which compares to $38,000 in grants awarded for 27 projects in 2015-‘16. Only two clubs, Needham and Shrewsbury, have proposed to conduct projects outside the U.S.
District 7910 is expecting $93,000 in district-designated funds during ‘16-‘17 out of which 50 percent (about $46,500) is required to be reserved for global grants. We do have the freedom to decide how we utilize the remaining funds for District Grants, polio and other Foundation programs.
Based on these proposals, District Grants Subcommittee Chair Jorge Yarzebski will submit a Master District Grant to The Rotary Foundation for $46,500. Read more

Membership Corner: What would Paul Harris do?
By Tom Sturiale

Imagine Paul Harris in his Chicago office in the year 2016. He is reviewing the status of the Rotary organization he created 111 years ago. The organization has grown into a worldwide giant of 1.2 million members in 200 countries made up of 34,000 clubs. Of this, he is justifiably proud - but he has concerns about its future viability.
While millions of dollars are raised annually for hundreds of projects throughout the world, membership has stagnated at the 1.2 million mark for the past 25 years and has actually declined in the home country of the United States. Despite repeated exhortations from Rotary International presidents as well as Rotary District governors, clubs have not been ready, willing and/or able to grow their memberships. Why? And what would he do about it? Read more

PR Tips: Use Rotary theme logos for Rotary-only communications.
By Laura Spear
Many clubs post the annual Rotary International presidential-theme logo on their club brochures and public events. This logo is based on the theme that the current year’s RI president selects, to motivate and inspire Rotarians. Theme logos are not for public use and can even confuse your public audience about what Rotary is and represents. You should use only the Rotary logo in your public-facing materials (the word "Rotary" with the small, yellow wheel next to it).
Rotary year 2015-2016 presidential-theme logo, for only internally directed use
Rotary logo, for both internally and externally directed use 
Laura Spear, chair of District 7910's Public Image Committee, may be reached at laura@spear.net.

RYLA Reminder: Volunteers sought

By Christine Pinney

Volunteers are being sought for the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards. Click here, to volunteer now. Add your name to your sessions and favorite slots.
Check out our online student registration for RYLAClick here, for online registration.

Please inform selected students and alternates that they must:

1. Fill out the online registration
2. Print out the signature page
3. Sign it along with their parents/guardians
4. Deliver the form to their RYLA contact ASAP
Completed paperwork must be sent to our RYLA registrar and postmarked by this May 1. If you have any questions, visit www.ryla7910.org.
Christine Pinney, vice chair of District 7910's RYLA Committee, may be reached at christine@christinepinney.com

Mark Your Interact and Rotaract Calendars!
District 7910 will hold a joint Interact and Rotaract Training Seminar on Tuesday, September 17 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at place to be determined. This event is a follow-up to the separate Interact and Rotaract Training Seminars that were held last fall and this winter, respectively.
Read more about the Rotaract Advisor Training Seminar held on February 29 at Framingham State University, including video and slide presentations.
Polio Plus Report: District contributions status; New RI funding; New vaccine type

Status of District 7910 club contributions
By Carl Good III
To review and download the District 7910 polio-contributions report compiled by Rotary International,click here. Only four clubs have contributed more than $500 each, and only four have exceed our district's goal of $1,500 per club. The good news: Our district is 58 percent ahead of this time last year.
Carl Good, chair of District 7910's Polio Plus Committee, may be reached at carlgood@yahoo.com.
Boston Globe highlights Rotary role in polio fight
Click here to read a recent front-page article in The Boston Globe this week is about the change in polio vaccines, and mentions the role of Rotary in the fight to end polio.
RI provides $35 million in new funding
Rotary International has released $35 million in new grants to support the global effort to eradicate polio. The funds will build on last year’s historic achievement of stopping transmission of the wild poliovirus in Nigeria and all of Africa. Just two countries reported wild polio cases in 2015, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Rotary’s funds will go toward efforts to end the disease in those countries and seven others. Read more
New type of polio vaccine
A new type of polio vaccine has been produced that can provide a better injectable to people in Third World countries.Click here to watch a recent Australian TV news report on the Vaxxas Nanopatch.

Bandey-Hefler Reflections: Farewell photos and promo video 
imageClick here to view photo highlights of the 2015 Rotary Bandey-Hefler Fellowship Exchange between District 7910 and Districts 1110 and 1145 in England.
imageClick here to view the promotional video for 2015-2016 Bandey-Hefler program in District 7910

Peace Fellowships: Application Deadline Is May 31
By Terry Parker
Each year, Rotary International selects up to 100 individuals from around the world to receive fully funded academic fellowships at one of RI’s Peace Centers. These fellowships cover tuition and fees, room and board, round-trip transportation, and all internship and field-study expenses. Read more

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