RLI Leads - October 5, 2015

Is The Rotary Leadership Institute Right For You?


By Doug Detweiler

The Rotary Leadership Institute offers a leadership-development program in three, full-day sessions (Parts I, II and III), plus Graduate courses for those who have completed all three of the previous Parts. The courses are designed to provide Rotary knowledge and to develop skills for volunteer organizations.

Some examples of course sessions include:

  • A Look Outside the Club
  • Membership Orientation and Activation
  • Creating Service Projects
  • Problem-Solving Workshops
  • Vocational Service
  • Effective Committees
  • Membership Development
  • The Rotary Foundation
  • Analyzing a Rotary Club
  • The Object of Rotary
  • The District
  • International Service
  • Creative Service
  • Written Communications
  • Motivating Rotarians and Effecting Change
Who are the faculty?

The Institute carefully selects the faculties for their teaching abilities. They are drawn from all areas of the member districts and occasionally from outside the member districts. Many are present and past Rotary International directors, present and past district governors, successful past presidents and those with experience in special areas.

Who should attend the Institute courses?

Everyone! Whether you are on a track for club leadership, or a new Rotarian, the most effective way for anyone to learn about Rotary, is to attend RLI. A knowledgeable Rotarian is an engaged Rotarian. Retention of members who have attended RLI is substantially higher than for those who have not because they are much more likely to want to be involved. To say nothing of the fact that because everything in Rotary begins and ends in a club, there are countless ways of doing things and no one can know them all. The more you know, the more you will want to know.

How do I register?

Click here to either download the registration form or register online. You may also contact me at rotary@detweiler.org, or ask your assistant governor for registration forms.

Past District Governor Doug Detweiler is chair of District 7910's Rotary Leadership Institute.

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