Promoting Brand Center
By Laura Spear
From Rotary International, here are five reasons for why you should use the Rotary Brand Center (Rotary membership login required to access the Brand Center):
1. You can create your own club and district logos featuring Rotary’s master-brand signature and see your edits in real time.
2. You can develop professional-looking PowerPoint presentations, press releases, and newsletters that incorporate Rotary’s visual identity. Templates can be customized as much - or as little - as you want.
3. You can find guidelines for using Rotary’s logos and answers to frequently asked questions about our new visual identity. For instance, did you know that your member pin remains unchanged? Or that free fonts are available along with the commercially licensed options?
4. You can upload and store the materials and logos you create for future use by creating a basket. Use the "Quick Share" function to e-mail your basket and share your new materials with members.
5. You can download broadcast-quality public service announcements, videos, and images to help tell Rotary’s story. Choose from a variety of topics to illustrate, including "Join Leaders," "Exchange Ideas," and "Take Action" - Rotary's three organizing principles.
Promote the Rotary Brand Center to your members today! To download the Brand Center promotional postcard, in PDF format, click here.
Laura Spear, chair of District 7910's Public Image Committee, may be reached at