District Polio Committee

By Carl Good III
I want to let you know that the District Polio Committee been very active. Our committee now includes Chris Spear, Pam Anastasi, Phil Sandler and Amanda Graves.
Recently, I visited the Clinton, Groton-Pepperell and Maynard Rotary clubs, encouraging them to contribute to Polio Plus. At Clinton and Groton-Pepperell, I distributed the Donation page (click here) on The Rotary Foundation's website to make easier donations from individuals. The correct boxes to check for a Polio Plus donation were highlighted in yellow. Two members from Clinton responded immediately with donations.  
It would be great if all clubs presidents would visit the Donation page and share its link with their members.  It makes the donation process much easier.  Remember the three-to-one bonus: Paul Harris credit; and club credit. Of course, this can be done online.
Carl Good III, chair of the District Polio Committee, may be reached at carlgood@yahoo.com.