October 7, 2016

Dear District Governors and Clubs Presidents in Zone 32,
In accordance with Rotary International Bylaws section 13.020., the Nominating Committee for RI Director in Zone 32 recently certified that it selected Rotarian Jeffry Cadorette (shown), a member of the Rotary Club of Media, Pennsylvania as an RI director in 2018–2020. Rotarian Cadorette has stated that he is willing and able to serve as director, if elected.
RI President John Germ will declare Rotarian Cadorette as director-nominee from your zone on December 1, 2016 unless another qualified Rotarian has been duly proposed as a challenging candidate before December 1. Any club in your zone at its regular meeting may adopt a resolution proposing a challenging candidate for RI director, provided that the challenger was among the candidates previously considered by the Nominating Committee. The following procedures must be followed to propose a challenge to the Nominating Committee’s selection:
  1. The club must submit a resolution to the governor, signed by the club president or secretary, naming a candidate who was previously suggested to the Nominating Committee.
  2. The governor, either at the district conference or through a ballot, asks each club in the district if it concurs with the challenge resolution. At the same time the governor must also provide the name of the candidate chosen by the Nominating Committee. If a majority of clubs in the district concur, the governor will forward the challenge (along with copies of all concurrences) to the general secretary to be received at the Secretariat by no later than December 1, 2016. Any challenges arriving after 1 December or that are incomplete cannot be considered. 
  3. If a valid challenge is received, the Secretariat will prepare an electronic ballot by December 31, listing the choice of your zone’s Nominating Committee and any challenging candidates who were endorsed by a majority of the clubs in the district.
Please note RI Bylaws section 11.060., which in part states: 
"Rotarians shall not campaign, canvass, or electioneer for elective position in RI, or allow any such activity, either on their behalf or on behalf of another. No brochures, literature, letters, or other materials, including electronic media and communications, may be distributed or circulated by Rotarians or on their behalf to any clubs or members of clubs except as may be expressly authorized by the board.
"Any candidate who undertakes, or on whose behalf is undertaken, unauthorized and improper activities to further his or her candidacy is in violation of the bylaws and may be disqualified." 
Thank you in advance for your adherence to these procedures. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Corporate Governance staff, at 847-866-3213or corporate.governance@rotary.org.
John Hewko
General Secretary, RI
Cc:     Armando Huerta, director of international operations
          Managers, RI international offices
          Directors, RI