Membership Corner: The Object Of Rotary's third goal
By Tom Sturiale
The third goal of the Object of Rotary is stated as, “The application of the ideal of service in each Rotarian’s personal, business and community life.”  This is the basis of the Rotary motto, “Service Above Self.”  Quite a high standard!  While that is difficult to live up to, when you add up the good works of Rotary in our clubs, district and around the world, we are doing a darned good job.
The ideal of service is the essence of Rotary and we are surrounded by opportunities to apply the ideal of service in our communities and internationally. How do we identify these opportunities in our personal, business and community lives? They may not be readily apparent to us as we go about our daily lives but there are many devoted folks in our local communities and in international organizations who dedicate their lives to helping people. Consider the many organizations devoted to helping the poor, the homeless, the indigent, the elderly, the sick, the hungry, the injured veterans and many other needy people. Have we reached out to them to offer support – either financial or hands-on? Do we invite them to speak to our members about community problems and issues? Have we tied our fundraising efforts to specific community needs?
We might consider asking ourselves whether we spend as much time thinking and planning “good works” as we do in fundraising. Our objective is to advance the Object of Rotary. The third goal of the Object of Rotary encapsulates the principle of Service Above Self.  Let us spend more of our time reaching out. We sometimes lament the lack of public knowledge about Rotary.  Satisfying critical community-service needs represents the best opportunity to gain public knowledge, image and support for Rotary. It will help to search out the folks doing this work and invite them to speak at Rotary meetings and to join Rotary. While time and financial constraints may be a hindrance, Rotary International has relaxed the attendance requirements and clubs can be creative in their application of dues and fees. 
There are so many wonderful folks working every day to relieve pain, suffering and anguish. They are Rotarians and don’t know it. Let us seek them out and together we can advance the third goal of the Object of Rotary even more than we have.
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Tom Sturiale is vice chair of District 7910's Membership Committee.