Interact teens invited to conferences in Providence and Atlanta

By Bob Anthony
All Interact teens are invited to help staff the House of Friendship booths on Friday, April 29 during the Multi-District Conference in Providence and next June 10 through 14 at the Rotary International Conference in Atlanta. Each Interact club can share fundraising ideas with its sponsoring Rotary club in order cover the costs of Interactors who attend the conferences.
In addition, we strongly encourage clubs that have won or go on to win a District Interact Video Contest to find a way to attend, to communicate their achievements by playing their video in the House of Friendship!
Coming Soon: Details on the cost for Interact students and teachers to attend the Multi-District Conference's Youth Day on Saturday, April 29 in Providence.
Left to right: Interact teen Susanna Buckley, a visitor from the project in India; Interact teens Ramnath Subba Siddi and Cole Harris; District Interact Chair Bob Anthony; and Interact teens Ana Natalia Epstein, Hannah Lee, Alex Kung and Lindsay Canaday.
Photo: Phyllis Gimbel
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Bob Anthony, chair of the District Interact Committee, may be reached at

How to launch an Interact club

In Seminar 2 of the District Interact Teen and Advisor Training Seminar, held on September 17 in Needham, Bob Anthony, chair of the District Interact Committee, discusses “How to launch an Interact club,” including the certification letter, roles and responsibilities of the president, the Rotary advisor and, in the case of school-based clubs, the faculty advisor.