Last week, we made Five visits


Nomination Info for District Leadership PosTS

By Pat and Skip Doyle

Last week, we were welcomed into the meetings of five Rotary clubs as we spoke of the changes and challenges facing Rotary and District 7910 in 2016-2017. We hope our words will lead to discussion and dialogue in your clubs as you continue to look to the future of Rotary.
During the week, we took time to reflect on the words of Rotary International Director Dean Rohrs - words she shared with us at the Rotary Leadership Institute annual meeting and also shared in the most recent Beyond Borders Zone 24-32 newsletter. Here are three thoughts from Dean's words we would like to share with you, as they certainly echo a part of the message we have been bringing to District 7910 on our Club visits. 
These ideas were shared with Dean at a meeting of 30 young professionals at a Young Professional Summit held in August. The participants stated the following:
First: The End Polio campaign has little meaning for young professionals. They want a cause they can relate to.
Second: Does Rotary want me or do they want my money?
Third: Meetings should have only three purposes - engagement, conversation and action.
These are three provocative statements that we hope you will think about as you continue the discussion of how to bring positive change to your Club to enhance and grow membership.
District Governor and Trustee Nomination Time
More than likely, all of you are just as tired as we are about elections, voting and candidates. But this reminder is for all Rotarians. Now is the time for Clubs to nominate candidates for the very important positions of District Governor and Trustee. Please review the nomination details and nomination forms, below. We hope to hear from many Clubs because there are so many potential candidates among our members.
Always remember, you can call us with questions at 508-393-9031.
District Governors Pat and Skip Doyle may be reached at and, respectively.
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