Learn About, Volunteer For RYLA, June 23-25 In Fitchburg

By Pat and Skip Doyle

The first thing we would like you to do when you finish reading this message is to go to our Rotarian Youth Leadership Awards website and read about all the wonderful things you can take part in, on June 23 through 25 at Fitchburg State University. The first page gives you some idea of the scope of the RYLA program. But don’t stop there. Click on the "Get Involved" box.This will take you to a page where you can volunteer to take part in this amazing weekend.
We have been a part of the RYLA family for more years than we want to count. Each year, we help train more than 200 high school students as they travel on their paths to becoming leaders in their schools and beyond.
It is our involvement with the District RYLA Committee and the young people who run this program that keeps us young because they are the lifeblood of the Rotary of the future. If you have never been to RYLA before, please plan to spend some time with us and learn about our program. If you want to return and volunteer for a particular session, please sign up on the RYLA website. If you are looking to possibly become a session facilitator, sign up now for a training session to be held this Wednesday evening. Feel free to give us a call if you want more information, at 508-393-9031.
Last but not least, please consider donating as a member or as a club to the Food Packing event to be held on the Friday afternoon of the RYLA weekend. There is a place on the first page of the RYLA website where you can donate to the Rise Against Hunger Program for the RYLA weekend.  The more money raised, the more food that can be packaged. Many of our RYLA graduates cite the Food Packing as the single most important thing they did during the weekend. Let's help them raise a record amount of money and pack a record amount of meals.
Volunteer and donate today. Don’t wait! You won’t be sorry.
Thank You for Your Support of Our Million Dollar Dinner
It is our pleasure to share with you the highlights of our district's Million Dollar Journey Dinner on May 25 at historic Mechanics Hall in Worcester. This was a joyous celebration of the Centennial Birthday of The Rotary Foundation, and of our district having met - and surpassed - the Million Dollar Journey goal of raising $1 million in donations and pledges to the Foundation. We topped $1.3 million, and the new goal is to reach $2 million by June 30, 2018.
We would like to thank each and every one of you who attended the special evening. It was an unforgettable event, the likes of which many of us have never seen in our district.
What started out as a celebration to honor the 100th birthday of the Foundation and those who had so generously pledged or donated to the Foundation became a celebration of all that the Foundation means to our district. It is almost impossible to single out one part of the evening as a highlight as there were so many.
  • An inspirational speech by Rotary International Director Dean Rohrs, who is also director of Rotary Zone 24/32
  • The international flair of Indian dancers from the Natyamani School of Dance (shown, above)
  • The wonderful jazz ensemble from Joy of Music
  • The historical surroundings of Mechanics Hall
  • The wonderful food prepared by Struck Catering
  • The beautiful birthday cake (shown, below) provided by Concord Teacakes to celebrate not only the birthday of the Foundation but also the birthday of Past District Governor Carol Toomey
  • The district's amazing Million Dollar Journey Dinner Committee that pulled everything together, led by Assistant Governor Satya Mitra and Carol Toomey 
The evening culminated in the surprise announcement of the first named District 7910 Foundation Award: the Ed Hall Outstanding Foundation Achievement Award. It is named after longtime Worcester Rotarian and past district governor Edward C. Hall (shown, second from left, next to District Governor Pat Doyle).
Our only disappointment is that so many Rotarians from District 7910 were not able to attend. You missed a wonderful opportunity to join in fellowship with your fellow Rotarians.
Our wish is that the next time you are presented with such an opportunity, you will find a way to join us.
To view photos of the Million Dollar Journey Dinner, taken by Worcester Rotarian Rich Prager, click here.
To watch video of Dean Rohrs' keynote address, taken by Auburn Rotarian Steve Jones-D'Agostino, click here.
Reminder for Club Presidents, Presidents-Elect and Concerned Members
This is a very important message for club presidents, presidents-elect and concerned members of all 51 Rotary clubs in District 7910. All clubs under the leadership of their presidents have two tasks they should absolutely complete before this June 30.
The first one is a district-related task. It is time for you to finish up your Club Planning Worksheets. Throughout the year, we hoped that you would use these sheets to first plan your year and then check to make sure you were on track to having a successful year. Now, it is time to review the sheets with your club, make corrections, and add new information.  You should have this completed by June 15,  you have until June 30 if there is any additional information you would like to add. When completed, you should send the form to Past District Governor Klaus Hachfeld.
Why would you want to send the form along to Klaus? you might ask. The answer is this: It gives the district a snapshot of what our clubs have done throughout the year. But beyond that, the district has a tradition of awarding plaques,  patches, certificates and a special district bell to clubs that have earned them during the year. In the past, these awards have been made at the District Conference. This year, since the deadline for completion of the worksheet was extended to the end of June, the awards will be made to the individual clubs at special club events. Please contact your assistant governor for help in completing this task.
The second task stems from a Rotary International request. Every club is eligible to receive the Presidential Citation. In order to receive this award, a club must fill out the information requested on Club Central which will be posted there during the first week of June - by June 30. Our goal is to have 100-percent club participation from our district.  Please help us come closer to our goal. Assistant governors will be giving you a call to see how you are progressing, and to offer help in completing this task.
Four important things to know:
1. The weekly submission deadline for the Newsletter is Friday. As usual, text content must be submitted in Word format, and image content, in either JPEG or PDF format. Continue to submit your content to Immediate Past District Governor/Newsletter Editor Jim Fusco at jim.fusco2@gmail.com.
2. Rotary Youth Leadership Awards: The RYLA Club Pack has been updated and posted on RYLA7910.org. When you download it, you will notice changes from last year. Please read the material carefully and direct your questions to Christine Pinney, chair of the RYLA Committee,who may be reached at chair@ryla7910.org. The RYLA Committee is working to make RYLA 2017 the "best RYLA ever." Be sure to sign-up to volunteer. In this issue's "RYLA Right Now," read more.
3. Club Planning Worksheet: To download the Club Planning Worksheet, click here.This worksheet is made available to clubs so they can gauge their progress in achieving the goals they set last July.  This month is a good time to review the worksheet and see how far you have come and how much farther you need to go as a club. You may surprise yourselves and realize that you are well on the way to earning district recognition. We recommend the club president appoint the president-elect to be the "champion" of the Worksheet, and to use it as a guide for the club, and to report monthly to the club's membership and board on the club's progress.
4. As your district governors, we have resolved to:
  • Revisit as many clubs as possible by this June 30
  • Help our clubs achieve the goals they set last July
  • Do all we can to build membership in the district
  • Plan a grand event to celebrate our Million Dollar Journey
  • "Move the ball forward," in harmony with District Governor-Elect Karin Gaffney, District Governor-Nominee Steve Sager and District Governor-Nominee-Designate Pamela Anastasi
District Governors Pat and Skip Doyle (shown, right) may be reached
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