Our Final Newsletter: Thank you for a great year!

By Pat and Skip Doyle 

Our last major Rotary event as district governors began just as did our first one. The event was the closing ceremony of Rotary Youth Leadership Awards last weekend at Fitchburg State University. Last year, our installation as governors was a part of the closing ceremony, and this year we opened the event as governors.  Again, we wish every member of the district could have been present. There were more than 700 people at the event. Do we ever get that many people at a district event with the exception of RYLA? We were so proud of our RYLANs, our RYLA facilitators, our RYLA Committee, our RYLA volunteers and the more than 40 Rotary clubs from District 7910 that supported the weekend by sending students. The entire weekend was filled with activities aimed at building leadership skills. We can only say you have to see it to believe it.
One thing that stood out for us during the weekend was the diversity of the young people in attendance. But it was not only the diversity, it was also the strength that came from that diversity. They were young people working together to solve problems, from many races, creeds, countries of origin and gender identity. We do not doubt that the strength such as that displayed at RYLA can change the world for the better.
And so, on that note we end our year as your district governors. We have enjoyed your meetings and your events, and helping you solve your club problems. Always feel free to contact us if we can help you in any way. We are always with you in Rotary spirit.

Club Planning Guide Deadline Extended: Thank you to all the clubs that submitted their guides!
As your district governors, we have:
  • Revisited as many clubs as possible by this June 30
  • Helped our clubs achieve the goals they set last July
  • Did all we could to build membership in the district
  • Celebrated our Million Dollar Journey
  • "Moved the ball forward," in harmony with District Governor-Elect Karin Gaffney, District Governor-Nominee Steve Sager and District Governor-Nominee-Designate Pamela Anastasi.
District Governors Pat and Skip Doyle may be reached at pwdoyle2@verizon.net and skipdoyle2@verizon.net,