Governor's Message: Leadership Meeting a big success
By Pat and Skip Doyle
A highlight of last week for us was the annual Leadership Meeting. Participants were able to bring forward many very innovative and useful ideas using a facilitated format. These will be shared with all of you as we put them in spreadsheet form.
We would like to share a few of them now:
  • RYLA students attend meetings with their parents.
  • Invite these parents to another club meeting.
  • Invite parents to participate in a club project
  • Get e-mail addresses and send them the club newsletter.
  • The same can be said for Interact and ESSEX students.
We guess you can get the picture. There are ways to leverage your youth contacts to get new members.
  • Explore business-to-business and LinkedIn
  • Rotaractors and Interactors go to clubs to give technology help
  • We will hold how to seminars on creating, editing and using video.
As we begin our preparations to visit the 51 Rotary clubs in District 7910, we want to remind you all of what is expected of you and your club in preparation for and during our visit:
  1. Please don’t schedule a speaker for the date of our visit. We have so much to share that their would never be enough time.
  2. We want to meet with your officers and board of directors for half an hour before your regular meeting. At this, time we will be reviewing with you the goals you have posted on Rotary International's ClubCentral site. If you have not been able to post your goals on ClubCentral, we would review your worksheet and get you some help with the posting. If you need help with this before our visit, please contact your assistant governor.
  3. At Pre PETS, PETS and Post PETS we talked about sharing your Rotary moment during our visit. We hope you remember this and will be prepared to share along with us.
  4. Just a little FYI about us: We are both vegan pescatarians.
One more reminder: Immediate Past District Governor Jim Fusco is preparing the District Directory for 2016-2017, and he is finding that some clubs have not put their officers in the District's ClubRunner database. No information from you means no information for your club in the District Directory. There are nine clubs with no information at all. Just as a note as to what might be missing from your club: Do you have a Polio chair, or a RYLA or Youth chair?
Always remember, you can call us with questions at 508-393-9031.
District Governors Pat and Skip Doyle may be reached at and, respectively.