We Have Feelings That Are Hard To Express
By Pat and Skip Doyle
It is hard to imagine how we will feel 51 weeks from now. Right now, after we have finished week one, we have feelings that are hard to express.
It has been a week full of Rotary experiences.We can fudge a little and call the installation of the officers of Marlborough Rotary Club last Thursday evening our first event.
What a great evening with friends and supporters of many years. Long-time members, past members, new members, family and friends gathered at Fish Restaurant to hear incoming President Peggy Sheldon share her vision for the year ahead. We have high hopes for Marlborough Rotary in the months to come.
We spent the Fourth of July with our family celebrating our nation's birthday and preparing for the week ahead. Last Wednesday and Thursday, our newly formed crackerjack Foundation Committee held its first meetings of this, the centennial year of The Rotary Foundation. The committee's Grants Subcommittee met last Wednesday and began the review of the District Grants for the 2016‐2017 Rotary year, which began on July 1. Thirty proposals have been received and 23 clubs are qualified to submit online for grants. Nine members of this committee have been trained to help their assigned clubs prepare for on‐line submittal. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Sanjay Deshpande,who chairs the Foundation Committee.
Last Thursday brought the first meeting of the newly constituted Foundation Committee. This committee has nine subcommittee chairs. At the meeting, these chairs enthusiastically presented their goals for the coming year. We were so impressed by the presentations of their far-reaching goals. Many of the goals will be presented in full as the year unfolds, so keep posted. Many hands will be needed to fulfill our dreams.
Just a little peek: We will be celebrating 100 years of The Rotary Foundation in a musical way, raising funds to help Stop Polio Now, advertising for candidates for the $30,000 Morley Scholarship, and searching for 100 Rotary Alumni. Want to help? Contact us with your questions, suggestions, and wonderful ideas.
Thank you!
District Governors Pat and Skip Doyle may be reached at pwdoyle2@verizon.net and skipdoyle2@verizon.net, respectively.