Last Week Was Packed With Activities
By Jim Fusco
The holiday season is here. Many clubs are having their holiday celebrations and I thank all who have invited me to attend. Unfortunately, since I have not figured out yet how to be in two or three (sometimes four) places at the same time, I have needed to give my regrets way too often. Have a great time and enjoy the fellowship!
Last week was packed with activities. On Monday, I met with Membership Chair Satya Mitra to commence planning on a District-wide Meet-and-Greet event to attract new members. I then was on the road presenting Foundation Awards: On Tuesday, I visited Natick, on Thursday, Charles River and Groton-Pepperell; on Friday, I visited Littleton, and handed out awards to Nashoba Valley, Neponset Valley and Worcester (see article, middle column of front page).
Friday was special because my wife, Karen Fusco, and I attended the 90th Birthday Celebration of the Rotary Club of Waltham (see article, middle column of front page). At that event, I did hear a great joke by Waltham Rotarian Marcia McClary that I want to share with you: “Q: What did the Gingerbread Man put on his bed? A: A cookie sheet.” In addition, Waltham Mayor Jeannette McCarthy had a great line as she congratulated the club: “Your club may have gotten smaller in size, but your hearts have gotten bigger.” Congratulations to the Waltham club!
Karen and I really got into the holiday season as we attended both the Rotary Club of Littleton’s Holiday Party on Saturday in Littleton and District 7910’s Holiday Party on Sunday in Leominster.
District Holiday Party: It was Karen and my pleasure to host this event at the DoubleTree Hotel. This was our opportunity to say “thank you.” I wanted those present to know how the district is doing, so I summarized the goals that I laid out at my installation last June and reported on progress toward those goals. In next week's Newsletter I will summarize this report in an article entitled "State of the District". Thank you to all the committee chairs who provided me with reports. A tradition of the District Holiday Party is the formal anointing of the newest future district governor. Unfortunately last year, the confirmation from Rotary International of Karin Gaffney (shown, front row, middle) came after the Holiday Party and, due to an oversight, Pat and Skip Doyle (shown, front row, far left and second from left) also did not get anointed. This year, we had the honor of anointing Pat and Skip as co-district governors for 2016-2017, Karin as DG for ‘17-’18, and Steve Sager (shown, front row, far right) as DG for ‘18-‘19. They are shown posing with me (rear row, far right) are the following past district governors (rear row, left to right): Doug Detweiler, '13-'14; Tom Polito, '11-'12; Carol Toomey, '09-'10; Ed King, '03-'04; Ralph Hammond, '01-'02); Bob Cassidy, '97-'98; Roger Frost, '95-'96; Klaus Hachfeld, '08-'09; and Ed Hall (seated), '87-'88.
Slate of Officers – Reminder: Every club should be thinking about who will lead your club for 2016-2017. Each club should now be creating its Slate of Officers for that year. Your slate should be approved by your Board of Directors and presented to your club membership for a vote prior to this December 31 so please assure that your selection process is underway. Once the selections have been approved, they need to be entered in and in District Club Runner. Your assistant governor would help you, if necessary.
Club Planning Worksheet - Reminder: I have requested every president to use this worksheet as a tool to guide them to a successful year. One of the important ways to make this tool work is to appoint a "champion" to monitor progress and to report progress to the Board of Directors and the membership on a monthly basis. If you have not yet put this into place, then please do so. For a copy of the Worksheet click here.
District Banners:  All of you have seen our district PR banners being displayed at club and district events. To reserve one of those banners, contact Laura Spear, who chairs our district's Public Image Committee, at
District Conference 2016 in Plymouth: It is hard to imagine, but your annual District Conference to celebrate your Rotary year is only 164 days away and registration is open. To registerclick here. Please check out the fun, informative "Plymouth Rocks" video that Assistant Governor Richard Simon has produced to promote our District Conference. To watchclick here or on image at left.
Rotaract Advisor Training: I feel that training is extremely important. With this in mind, we will be holding a Rotaract Advisor Training Seminar at Framingham State University. Last week, I reported that it will be held on Wednesday, January 27, but the date has since been changed to Monday, February 8, from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Additional details, which are being arranged by District Rotaract Chair Carl Gomes of the Rotary Club of Nashoba Valley, will shortly be finalized.
Thank you for being part of a great organization and for being a Gift to the World.
We will have a great year! 
Jim Fusco, 2015-2016 governor of District 7910, may be reached at