Governor's Message - August 1, 2016
Governor's Message
Our first month as District Governors
By Pat and Skip Doyle

This is the first newsletter of August. That means our first month as District Governors is over. Time does fly when you are busy.
We added 12 new members to the District in July. While that looks like something to get excited about, we also lost 13 members for a net loss of one.

There were reasons for these losses of course, too numerous to mention. Perhaps next month, we will do better.

As of this morning of August 1, we will have completed our first club visit. We wish we could comment on it, but the newsletter editor is breathing down our necks. so visit reports will have to wait until next week.

Last week was eventful for many reasons. First, we met with a Scholarship subcommittee to review the progress on the Morley Scholarship. You will be hearing more about this in the weeks to come, but as a teaser it is a District Scholarship for international graduate study that  is worth up to $35,000.

Last Tuesday, was the first Trustees meeting for this new Rotary year. Jack Hoell, our new District Treasurer, was formally introduced to the Trustees and we held a very uneventful meeting. That’s really a good thing because Trustees meetings should be uneventful. The Trustees next meet on October 27.
Last Wednesday, was not uneventful around here. We had to miss two meetings and a celebration of our 53rd wedding anniversary due to an “accident that Skip had last Monday. While attacking a tree, the tree attacked back and Skip ended up with a broken rib and slightly punctured spleen. Two injuries that might seem inconsequential to a 25-year-old are not so simple for those of more mature years. Or, so said the doctors who kept Skip in the hospital for two days - one, in the ER and one, in a room. He is now home - sore, but ready and excited to get on the road for club visits.
Watch for a new column in the newsletter. It will be called "Interviews with the Presidents" and will feature a different club president every week. Let us know how you like it.
Always remember, you can call us with questions at 508-393-9031.
District Governors Pat and Skip Doyle may be reached at and, respectively.