'Framingham's Liz Kaprielian Awarded Bill Rabkin Volunteer of Year Award

Liz Kaprielian, a member of the Rotary Club of Framingham, was surprised when she was was awarded the Bill Rabkin Volunteer of the Year award at Access Framingham. Framingham Rotary is a corporate member of AF.
As a Rotarian, Liz has been able to take free training for more than two years from she what describes as "the professional, patient and fun folks at AF. They taught me how to use a video camera, wrangle wireless sound gear, interview successfully, shoot useful B-roll footage, and even edit footage on a Mac (even though I'm a PC Windows gal).
"It's been so much fun to shoot and interview so many community organizations. AF makes it possible for any local person or org to present their ideas and events to the wider community. I am so very honored by their award. Thanks AF!"