Foundation Update: District Grant Application Template for ’16-‘17
By Sanjay Deshpande
Starting this June 1, District 7910 will be processing District Grant Applications online through the Grand Management Module on the district’s website. The application process has two steps. Clubs first submit a proposal using the 2016-17 District Grant Proposal Form. So far, 31 clubs have already done so.
The District Grants Subcommittee, chaired by Jorge Yarzebski of Westborough Rotary, is reviewing the submitted proposals this month May and advising clubs of whether their submitted proposals can proceed to the application stage starting June 1, using the online tool. Clubs wanting to submit proposals in June or later will be able to do so online.
Only qualified clubs will be able to submit applications online. Qualifications require that three eligibility criteria have been satisfied:
  1. Per-capita contribution to the Rotary Foundation must be $100 or greater. The 2016-‘17 Monthly Contributions Report for all 51 clubs through April 29 is available here
  2. Have at least one member, preferably two, complete Grant Management Training
  3. Sign the 2016-‘17 Memorandum of Understanding (download here)
Applications can be submitted online by only either the club president or a club member who has received Grant Management Training. The District Stewardship Subcommittee, chaired by Ed King of Northborough Rotary, will initiate and maintain access control to the application process.
Those Rotarians who are interested in submitting District Grant Application are encouraged to review the D7910 District Grant Application Template so they are familiar with the information that is needed. All applications submitted in June will be reviewed by the Grants Subcommittee no later than July 7 and the final decision of the District Foundation Committee, which I chair, on grant awards will be communicated by Jorge Yarzebski no later than July 15.
For any questions on these article or other matters pertaining to Foundation grants, please contact either District Foundation Chair Sanjay Deshpande at or District Grants Subcommittee Chair Jorge Yarzebski at