Foundation Update - April 25, 2016
Foundation Update: District Grant proposals received for 2016-‘17
By Sanjay Deshpande
Thirty-one clubs in our district have submitted proposals for District Grants for projects they intend to undertake during 2016-2017 Rotary year, which begins this July 1. The projects and clubs are listed below.
The total of requested grants is $44,500 which compares to $38,000 in grants awarded for 27 projects in 2015-‘16. Only two clubs, Needham and Shrewsbury, have proposed to conduct projects outside the U.S.
District 7910 is expecting $93,000 in district-designated funds during ‘16-‘17 out of which 50 percent (about $46,500) is required to be reserved for global grants. We do have the freedom to decide how we utilize the remaining funds for District Grants, polio and other Foundation programs.
Based on these proposals, District Grants Subcommittee Chair Jorge Yarzebski will submit a Master District Grant to The Rotary Foundation for $46,500. The anticipated breakdown is as follows:
District Grants awarded to clubs for their projects
Administrative expenses (maximum allowed, 3%)
Contingency expenses (maximum allowed, 20% or $9,300)
Please note that we are reserving $36,000 for district grants even though the total of requested grants is $44,500. The reserved amount is thus about 80 percent of the requested amount.
There are two reasons for this:
  1. Of the 51 clubs that have submitted proposals, only 26 have met the per-capita threshold of $100 in Foundation contributions for ‘16-‘17. The rest of the clubs have until this June 30 to achieve that threshold and qualify for grants. Further, nine of the 26 clubs, above, have not submitted a district-grant proposal - and it is not certain that they will undertake a project in the year.
  2. The amount reserved for district grants is restricted in that it must be used for that purpose and cannot be used for either administrative or contingency expenses. Therefore, it is prudent to budget the restricted funds to 80 percent of the requested total.
Administrative expenses cover the cost of the ClubRunner Grants Module (the online application and reporting system) that our district will adopt for ‘16-‘17 on its website plus expenses for training Rotarians in our district on using the system. Any unspent funds reserved for administrative expenses can be applied to district grants. The anticipated cost of the Club Runner Grants Module is $1,325 in ‘16-‘17
Contingency expenses need to be provided for at this time to cover unforeseen expenses related to the implementation of the grants system, including additional expenses on awarded grants for the year. Based on experience in the last three years, the contingency expenditure are likely to be used for additional district grants to clubs. Also, several of the projects that are actually undertaken during the year will likely be different than those listed below.
It is expected that the Master District Grant will be submitted by this April 30 and will be approved by this May 30 - well in time to allow award of district grants in early July.
2016-‘17 District Grant Proposals
Grant Requested
CPR machine for Fire Department; therapeutic riding program
Backpacks for breakfast
Build bridge over dam to connect park and library
Ramps to Freedom for handicapped
Refurbish victims-interviews room at court house
Domestic-violence posters, arts/garden supplies
Basketball and hockey equipment for town park
Support Wheat Community Café for the needy
Videos to assist inmates with online job applications
Summer-camp scholarships
Service-dogs program for handicapped
Weekend food-backpack program
Heating oil for families in need
To pay for plots of land at a community farm
Tutoring services after-school program
Provide crock pots and cookbooks to low- income people
Summer feeding program for children
Montachusett Area
Funds for homeless children in the community
Nashoba Valley
Nature Connection for seniors and children
Provides meals for needy families
Install/maintain solar system in India
Neponset Valley Sunrise
School on Wheels project for needy students
Habitat for Humanity playhouse project
Haiti maternal center
Fundraiser dinner to benefit food pantry
Meals on Wheels
Wachusett Area
Service-dogs program
Boys & Girls Club will develop program in the arts
Tutoring project; donate books to children
Westborough 300th anniversary; library donation
Eagle Scout project; Change of handicapped signs
Total Amount of Grants Requested