Foundation Q&A - April 4, 2016
Foundation Q&A: Global Grant Partnerships
By Sanjay Deshpande
Question:   Can several Rotary clubs in the U.S. can partner together with one or more Rotary clubs in another country in order to apply for one Global Grant for the U.S. clubs to share equally for use in this country? The club (or partnership of clubs) in the other country would then apply for another Global Grant for use there, to use either solely or in equal sharing with the other clubs in that country.
Answer: The Rotary Foundation encourages multi-club and multi district partnerships at both ends - in the host country (where the project is implemented, which could be the U.S.) and outside the host country (international, including the U.S.) that provide funding and expertise.  So, please pursue such projects. They are potentially the most rewarding and satisfying ones.
In the Global Grant application, however, only one club (or district) is the primary host contact and only one club (or district) is the primary international contact. The others are identified in the partners' section as well as on the financing page.
Generally, the participation of other clubs is recognized and acknowledged in signage and brochures, as shown below.
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