Foundation Notes - September 21, 2015

For The First Time Ever, We Are A Million-Dollar District!
By Ralph Hammond
Your club is part of making District 7910 very, very proud. We currently have a total cash amount of projects in progress, as follows:
  • Global Grants: $997,635
  • District Grants: $18,760
  • Grand Total: $1,016,396
Your involvement with The Rotary Foundation has made us a Million-Dollar District! Our district has exceeded the million-dollar mark on Rotary Foundation-related projects in one year - and we are still expanding.
At last Wednesday's Assistant Governor's Meeting with AG and District Governor-Elect Karin Gaffney, the following clubs were represented: Bedford, Clinton, Fitchburg, Leominster, Montachusett Area and Nashoba Valley. Except for Clinton, those clubs have open and are working on these projects (alphabetical, by club):
  • Bedford: Health Project in Mali - $35,000
  • Bedford: MIT Radically Affordable Rural Education in Mali - $35,000
  • Fitchburg: School Building District Grant Project in Nepal - $6,000
  • Leominster: E-Learning Project in India - $57,001
  • Montachusett Area: School Project in Liberia - $70,000
  • Nashoba Valley: Community Building & Health Project in Malawi - $35,000
  • Nashoba Valley: Rain Water Harvesting Project in Guatemala - $35,000
Project amounts at the meeting totaled $273,001 That's an impact of more than one-quarter of a million dollars in just this tiny group.
Joining Karin and me in attending the meeting were (alphabetical, by last name): Bharti Bhakta, Wayne Carney, Jennifer Stacy, Leslie Storrs and Michael Volmar. While they seemed like a tiny team, their international Impact is huge. And, the total does not even include all of the Global Grants that those clubs have in the planning.
Currently, there still are one open Global Grant slot as well as 12 open District Grant slots.
Click here for the District & Global Grant Application Form for 2015-2016. Please contact me at with your “project title” for your application. We hold absolutely to the first-come, first-served system for certified clubs that submit Global Grant applications, which has served us well with more than $7 million in such funding going to club-run projects in our district since 1997.
Ralph Hammond, chair of District 7910’s Foundation Committee, may be reached at