Foundation Notes - October 5, 2015

We Need To Pay Attention To Our Foundation Revenue Stream
By Ralph Hammond
In District 7910, we continue to have more than $1 million - $1,024,845, to be exact - in action, both at home and worldwide. Thank you for your continued Foundation support, both programmatically and financially. Word of caution, though: We are slipping behind in our annual giving to Rotary International's Annual Fund and SHARE.
On October 1, 2013 we were at $15,402, or an average of $11 per member. On October 1, 2014, we were at $16,807, or $12 per member. As of this October 1, we are at $12,042, or $8 per member. That is just 74 percent of where we were at this time last year.
David Stevenson and Asa Jupoa Stevenson co-founders of the Akha Training Center in Mae Suai, Thailand with some of the Akha children they have helped.
With a record high "active" in projects at home and worldwide, we need to pay attention to our Foundation revenue stream in order to maintain our humanitarian impact.
Last year at this time, the Rotary Clubs of Montachusett and Tyngsboro/Dunstable were already at the goal of $125 average per member. Currently, there are no clubs at that goal.
Here are the Prestigious "Every Rotarian, Every Year" Rotary Clubs in D7190: Charles River, which has made an average donation of more than $25 per member to The Rotary FoundationTyngsboro/Dunstable, 100 percent; and Wachusett Area, 75 percent. To earn a regular EREY designation, 100 percent of all members in a club need to contribute at least $5 each to RTF. Please work hard to get your club to at least the level of an Annual Fund and SHARE donation to RTF by as many of your members as possible.
A child with a cup in Romania.We strongly believe that D7910 is a world leader in utilizing Rotary Foundation grant funding. That is especially within our Rotary zone.
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