Foundation Notes: D7190 No. 2 in Zone 32, No. 114 worldwide in TRF Annual Fund and SHARE giving
By Ralph Hammond
Rotary is the oldest and most prestigious service club in the world. Contributions to The Rotary Foundation’s Annual Fund make community-service projects happen. The report on Zone 32 and worldwide contributions to TRF’s Annual Fund and SHARE for 2014-2015 is now in.
Click here for the full report in PDF format.
Here's a summary of how District 7910 did compared to all other districts in Zone 32 as well as all other districts worldwide: 
  • Zone 32
    • District 7980 (New Haven, Connecticut) was first in the zone at $163 per member New Haven, CT
    • Di7910 was second, at $133. (We should be very proud.)
    • D7780 (Portland, Maine) was third, at $132.
    • D7490 (Hoboken, New Jersey) was last, at $49.
    • The overall district average for Zone 32 was $103 per member.
  • Worldwide:
    • District 3750 (Korea) was first at $553 per member.
    • D4434 (Brazil) was second, at $460.
    • D5360 (Alberta, Canada) was third, at $435.
    • D2484 (Greece) was third-to-last, $7.
    • D2483 (Serbia and Montenegro) was next-to-last, $6.
    • D1380 (Iceland) was last, $4.
    • D7910 was No. 114 among 1,045 total districts, putting us in the top 10 percent.
    • The overall worldwide average was $104 per member.
    • D3292 (Nepal) was $59 per member, which was greater than 10 of our clubs here in D7910.
    • Three clubs in D7910 were beat out by Greece.
Ralph Hammond, chair of District 7910's Foundation Grant Coordinator Team, may be reached at