Way Ahead Of This Time Last Year
By Ralph Hammond
​​Now that we are all rested from a hearty Thanksgiving celebration, we can enter the holidays with a most positive pride of doing our part and thinking of what we can actually achieve in the future. The two bar graphs, below, may seem bleak, but more importantly both graphs show the fantastic future we can have and serious opportunities we can enjoy as we plan for the year ahead.
We are now way ahead of where we were last year at this time. Last year, the average contribution per Rotarian in District 7910 to The Rotary Foundation was $21, while this year it is $25. Last year, total contributions were $33,460, which was then an all-time high. This year, total contributions are $37,650, which is the new all-time high at $4,190, or 12.5 percent, ahead of last year!
Same number of grant approved
Take a moment to review the two graphs, shown below, regarding District 7910's per-member contributions to TRF's Annual Fund-SHARE (see graph, left) as well as the "Every Rotarian Every Year" (EREY) percentage of club members contributing to the Annual Fund-SHARE (see graph, right). Then, consider your club and personal contributions in your plans for our traditional end-of-year contributions.  It’s best to go for a tax break when you can exactly tell where your contributions will go, through your club Rotary projects. We can be absolutely certain that all of the cash to our club projects will be carefully documented, with every penny accounted for. 
Congratulations to The Rotary Club of Wachusett Area, which just made the "100 Percent EREY" list. That club joins Billerica, Charles RiverThe Brookfields and Tyngsborough/Dunstable on this prestigious list.
We all should be absolutely proud of being able to do all of the special things we do for our communities and worldwide.  By growing our Rotary projects, we can continue to grow our membership.
Ralph Hammond, chair of District 7910's Foundation Grant Coordinator Team, may be reached at ralph.hammond@verizon.net.