Foundation Notes - November 23, 2015
Great EREY News
By Ralph Hammond
​Districtwide as of last June 30, the end of the 2014-2015 Rotary year, we reached 18 percent of “Every Rotarian Every Year,” which is the rate of membership giving to The Rotary Foundation. Today, we are already at 17 percent of EYEY.
Clubs in District 7910, you folks are fantastic, reaching nearly the ’14-’15 year-end level prior to this December 1. We are off to a great start, generating funds for the ’18-‘19 Rotary year. We are also ahead of last year's contribution level by $3,843 - up 111 percent.

Getting and using money from TRF

There’s only a tiny opportunity remaining for clubs hoping for District Grant funding:
  • Zero $1,500-slots remain for District Grants. All $38,000 has now been allocated. It is time to begin planning for the January 1, 2016 District Grant project launch for the Fiscal 2017 Pre-Grant Cycle. This November 30, extra cash - of which there is presently none - is offered on a lottery basis. A Lottery will still be held in the event that either Final or Progress Reports are not submitted by the April 15, 2016 deadline. It is possible that your club may qualify for that extra cash at that time.
  • Zero $25,000-slots for Global Grants are available until next April. But now is the time to begin planning for the April 1 Global Grant project launch. Pat and Skip Doyle, co-district governors-elect for 2016-’17, will soon be indicating exactly how much they plan to allocate for both District and Global Grants. Likely, there will be more money available next year then we have had this year.
With 25 District Grants now in action and 11 Global Grants also growing, each of those projects could be even better if other clubs without a specific project would join in to help out. Remember, Rotary is the world's first and most prestigious community-service organization and your club's community-service projects are needed now more than ever.
To see whether there is another club your that own club could possibly partner with, click here.
As fair as possible to all concerned

We truly do try to be as fair as possible to all concerned. One club was actually No. 58 to enter the project-planning queue. As it turned out, that club submitted its completed grant application in enough time to get the 27th and very last funding slot. Please do not hold off in submitting your grant applications.
Ralph Hammond, chair of District 7910's Foundation Grant Coordinator Team, may be reached at