ESSEX Alert: Seeking Sponsor For Holy Name Student


By Marcia Davis


District 7910’s ESSEX (Eastern States Student Exchange) Committee is seeking a Rotary club to be an outbound sponsor for Julia Cashman, who will be a senior this fall at Holy Name Junior Senior High School in Worcester. She wants to spend the 2016-2017 school year studying in a Spanish-speaking country. Based on our preliminary interviews with Julie, we believe she will be an excellent ambassador. The deadline to respond is January 31.

When a Rotary club sponsors an outbound student, it must also accept an inbound student. ESSEX requires a balance: For each student outbound, our district gets one inbound.


The expense to an inbound sponsor includes paying a monthly stipend of at least $100 to the inbound student – although some clubs pay more. The expense to an outbound sponsor is purchasing a navy-blue blazer at a cost of less than $250 for the outbound student as well as inviting that student to some club-meeting lunches.


Currently, the ESSEX Committee has four students outbound for 2016. Recently, Julia contacted us we are now trying to find a fifth club to help. We prefer a club that is already ESSEX-certified – although that certification is not necessary.


Click here to download the Rotary Youth Exchange Handbook, in PDF format.


Click here to download the Rotary Long-Term Youth Exchange brochure, in PDF format.


For more information, contact either me, Marcia Davis, chair of the ESSEX Committee, at 508-883-3238, or Robin Hopes, chair of the ESSEX Outbound Committee, at 978-400-6030.


Marcia Davis may also be reached at


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