Earthquake in Italy: Letter John Hewko

Earthquake In Italy

Subject: Earthquake in Italy 
To: 2016-17 Board of Directors
       2016-17 Board of Trustees

Dear Senior Leaders,

Rotary members worldwide stand together with the people of Italy, showing an outpouring of support in light of this week's deadly 6.2 magnitude earthquake, which struck on Tuesday evening in central Italy, killing over 240 people in the historic towns of Amatrice, Accumoli and Pescara. Many residents have fled their homes and are camping on open ground at night, as numerous powerful aftershocks followed.
As we mourn this terrible loss of life, Italian Rotarians are already actively engaged, providing engineering, medical and psychological assistance. The two Districts directly affected are D2080 and D2090. District Paolo Raschiatore (District 2090) and DG Alessandro Vignani (D2071, nearby) emphasized that the emergency response is well in hand and that there are no immediate needs for outside assistance at this time.
Rotary’s project partner ShelterBox is working with their affiliate ShelterBox Italy, operated by local Rotarians, to assess the regions impacted by the Italy earthquake. A ShelterBox Response Team has been deployed to the impacted communities and updates can be monitored on For updates about the impacted communities one can write to or visit to assist with the relief effort.
The Italian governors have already agreed that they are going to put together a project involving all 13 Italian districts. As per Rotary best practices, they are carrying out a community assessment to determine the precise needs that this project should address. In conversations with Rotary staff, they mentioned the work of Italian Rotarians in the aftermath of the l’Aquila earthquake in 2009, which gives them confidence that in the coming weeks they can devise a worthwhile and valuable project.
We appreciate all your support in working with Rotarians to help the people of Italy rebuild their lives and communities. The Italian governors will keep us apprised of their plans and needs as they evolve. At Rotary headquarters, we will be sharing that information on
Best regards.
John Hewko
General Secretary