District Positions: District Archivist
By Jim Fusco
The District Archivist is elected for a term of three years by the District Nominating Committee (see next week's newsletter) in accordance with the District Resolutions. There is no restriction to the number of terms the District Archivist may serve. 
The District Archivist shall collect and maintain records of district activities, events, minutes of meetings, regulations, and resolutions, and shall catalog and file them in such fashion that they may be readily and immediately available for reference. The District Archivist shall be the custodian of district records and shall maintain a running inventory of them. The District Archivist shall secure receipts for all district records that are loaned. The District Archivist shall report the condition and the extent of the district records and properties each year at the District Conference Business Meeting.
Cheryl Rosen of the Rotary Club of Hudson is the current District Archivist. She was selected as District Archivist  by the District Nominating Committee on November 17 for the three-year term that will commence next July 1.
Jim Fusco, 2015-2016 governor of District 7910, may be reached at jim.fusco2@gmail.com.