District Positions: Treasurer
By Jim Fusco
The district treasure is elected for a term of three years by the District Nominating Committee and is automatically a trustee of the district, according to Article IV of District Resolutions. Lee Ouellette of the Rotary Club of Dracut is the current treasurer and her term will expire this June 30. The Nominating Committee has selected Jack Hoell of the Neponset Valley club to replace Lee for the Rotary year that begins this July 1.
The treasurer is responsible to maintain the district’s financial books, pay district expense, collect district dues, to maintain detailed accounting of all financial transactions on the district’s online QuickBooks program, to keep accounts of all district funds and operating accounts, and to present reports pursuant to Section 4.10 of the District Resolutions. The treasurer shall invest the funds of the district as directed by the trustees of the district funds from time to time and, shall maintain detailed accounting records of all funds collected pursuant to Article XI of the District Resolutions, the Permanent Fund of the district and all other district funds.
The treasurer shall receive an approved budget prior to an event and an income-and-expense statement from every chairperson responsible for a District 7910 event within 60 days from the termination of that event, and shall include such reports in their annual report. The income-and-expense statement shall be submitted on a form provided by the treasurer.
The treasurer shall provide financial information to the district governor and the trustees of the District Fund when reasonable requests are made for such information, but interim information must be available for Board of Trustee and District Council meetings. The treasurer must submit a formal interim financial report, which will include detailed analysis of the operating funds and each restricted fund, to the business session of the annual District Conference. The treasurer must provide a final financial report to the immediate past district governor within four months of the completion of such district governor’s term. This report shall be presented, discussed if need be, and formally adopted by the following District Conference.
Jim Fusco, the 2015-2016 governor of District 7910, may be reached at jim.fusco2@gmail.com.