District Positions - February 29, 2016
District Positions: Guidelines for Stewardship Committee
By Jim Fusco
The recipient of a grant or award, the grant's sponsor in application, the project committee, the selection committee, and all others associated with the grant or award are expected to:
  1. Treat Rotary Foundation grant funds as a sacred trust to be constantly safeguarded from loss, misuse, or diversion and to be used only for the stated purpose that shall be strictly interpreted by Rotary Foundation Code of Policies 75, January 2016.
  2. Exercise the highest attention to the prevention of even the appearance that Rotary Foundation funds are being used in an improper manner, whether such appearance may be in the eyes of Rotarians or the general public. Such attention is expected to go beyond that afforded to the use of private or corporate funds.
  3. Assure competent and thorough oversight of the project with clear delineation of responsibility.
  4. Conduct all financial transactions and project activity relating to the grant at least at the level of standard business practice and always in consonance with the "Declaration of Rotarians in Business and Professions" and in the full spirit of the Four-Way Test.
  5. Report immediately any irregularity in grant-related activity to The Rotary Foundation.
  6. Implement projects as approved by the district trustees in their grant award. Any deviation from the agreed terms or changes in the implementation of the project must receive prior written authorization from The Rotary Foundation
  7. Arrange for performance reviews and/or independent financial assessments in accordance with current Trustees policy and guidelines.
  8. Report on both program and financial activities on a timely and detailed basis.
  9. Be held accountable for appropriately addressing all concerns regarding project implementation for which notification has been sent.
  10. Demonstrate transparency in business transactions related to Rotary Foundation program grants and awards by operating in a manner that avoids any actual or perceived conflict of interest.
Jim Fusco, the 2015-2016 governor of District 7910, may be reached at jim.fusco2@gmail.com.